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John's balls can be used as a source of apparent randomness, because their behavior is very sensitive to the cold water.


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5 March 2010

IRL, Online — Uncyclopedians everywhere mourn untimely death of Random Article link

A few short weeks ago, cruel fate ripped the Random Article link from our lives, and now authorities say that they have given up the search for its remains. Users and administrators alike are shocked by this sad turn of events. No more will they be able to blankly click the link to browse the treasures of Uncyclopedia. Now they will have to search and claw their way through the reams of bullshit that comprise the site.

edit Carrying on

Some hardy Uncyclopedians have gone so far as to add Special:Random to their bookmarks. While this workaround delivers the technical function of the original link, it requires advanced web browser training and more coordination than the old method, which did not even require moving the mouse.

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