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Anne Elk speaks:

I have a theory (which is mine) of what drives youth socialism. It's not just clueless youthful enthusiasm, it's hormones as well. A hotbed of hot beds.

Leadership is inherently sexy. Even George Bush the Elder had groupies...which shows there's not much lower than a political groupie.


Activist youth hormones in action: these plain but goodhearted girls are activated! Nobody sleeps alone tonight.

Dynamic phrases in a small group with a sense of purpose gets the chicks: Put a young man in a mixed-gender group and let him say things like "The PEOPLE own the nation! The government is the problem...WE ARE THE SOLUTION!" and "Old white men with big suits and SMALL PENISES are pimping the Earth. We want the world and we want it NOW! and he will get more action than a sharp-dressed man.

It doesn't matter what the purpose is. Younger leaders and followers are unhindered by cluefulness or experience.

Yass, I once started reading this history of Australian communism: The Reds by Stuart Macintyre.

It completely failed to go into the real cause of all the splinter groups splintering and reforming: the history of your hundreds of People's Fronts of Judaea is someone sleeping with someone that someone else thought they shouldn't have and declaring a schism. Notice how well ideological lines match with a who-bonked-who chart.

And the big draw is: where else are you going to find that many intelligent young women with shaven heads, overalls, Doc Marten boots and all their original body hair, who are nevertheless mostly heterosexual?

Senator Joseph McCarthy replies:


Anne: "Thesis!"

Joseph: "Antithesis!"

Anne: "Thesis!"

Joseph: "Antithesis!"

Anne: "THESIS!"


Together: "Syyynnnthessissss ..."

Thank you.
He who isn't a socialist at 18 has no heart.
He who isn't a capitalist at 40 has no brain.
He who hasn't been in a lezzer threesome by 80 has no balls.
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