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Main Page is a movie released in 2008. It stars Tom Hanks as a U.S. congressman who gets embroiled in a sex scandal when he is named on Wikipedia as having inappropriate relations with a teenage page.

edit Plot

Representative Tom Richards (R, FL) is a staunch proponent of conservative family values. However, social networking website Wikipedia breaks the story that he is allegedly having a homosexual affair with the 16-year-old page Chad (Neil Patrick Harris). This is false — Richards is not having such an affair and is not even gay — but unfortunately, if he exposes enough of his private life to scrutiny that he can disprove this affair, it is likely that this would expose the actual affair he is having with intern Kenzie (Hilary Duff). While this is not technically illegal, because Kenzie is of legal age, it would likely be ruinous to his political career if it got out.

To complicate matters, unknown even to Richards, Chad actually does have a strong crush on the congressman, and wishes to become involved with him. However, so does another page, Michael (Cary Bass), and they have been involved in a complex rivalry behind Rep. Richards' back trying to win his affection, to which Richards has been completely oblivious.

The allegations repeatedly surface on the front page of Wikipedia, on Tom Richards' Wikipedia biographical article, as well as on popular templates used by Wikipedia through creative and subtle editing of their templates by Democratic-voting vandals. The movie then chronicles (in excruciating detail) the subsequent revert wars between Republican-leaning editors and Democratic-leaning ones, as well the final showdown between the editor factions before the Arbitration Committee.

edit Sequel

In the 2009 sequel, Hanging Chad, well-hung Chad wins the affection of a 2008 presidential candidate (played by Harris) who first notices Chad's short-lived vanity page while idlly browsing through Candidates for Speedy Deletion on Wikipedia. The movie portrays a passionate attempt by Harris to save Chad's vanity page from deletion by begging and trolling the Wikipedia users who voted to delete Chad's article, as well as his subsequent ban from Wikipedia, which occurs at the end of the movie. Chad also becomes the model for the illustrative photograph on autofellatio.

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Main Page.

edit Quotes

  • "Bastique ... c'est chic!"
  • "I did not, repeat, did NOT have sexual intercourse with that page! ... as such."
  • "Oh, Matt ... you're sooo bogus."
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