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Ya can't trust those CIA Chinese.

Special:Czechuser is the special page used by wiki cabals to find users using IPs from funny countries, such as the Czech Republic top-level domain .cz (pronounced 'sleazy'), and banninate them comprehensively.

This policy came about because Uncyclopedia is viciously biased towards the pro-Belarusian viewpoint, with rouge Belarusian administrators blatantly conspiring to suppress hundreds of years of well-documented historical thought from the Belarusian side. It is blindingly obvious that these nationalist Belarusian POV pushers cannot be tolerated in a neutral editing environment such as Uncyclopedia. Ban the Belarusian oppressors! Further the true neutral Belarusian history!

Czechuser is useful for discovering which country the creator of any particular amateur music video set to the tune of "Dragostea Din Tei" is from, and particularly for howls of outraged protest that that song is from Moldavia, has nothing to do with Czechia, shows your disgusting English-language Americocentrist imperialism in lumping all the countries of the former Eastern bloc together and you are a Nazi for speaking in such a manner.

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