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What Kirbizzle often eats while scootering.

“Wow, they are on scooters!”
~ Captain Obvious on The Scooter Gang
“They're hard core!”
~ Derek former Scooter Gangster on The Scooter Gang

edit Haven't Heard of the Scooter Gang?

We can answer your problem- you must be as blind as Anne Frank! You probably havent heard of New Hampshire either, unfortunately, a place called New Hampshire exists, and so does the scooter gang to many's dismay. They even have a mission statement- to become an official sport of the X-Games and Olympics. They even realize what kind of effort this may take, blackmailing some people, getting endorsements, uh, typical New Hampshirites.

edit The Scooter Gang Written by someone not associated with the Scooter Gang


Where wes bes from

Wikipedia thought they were non-sense, those bastards, apparently everyone has their critics, with the Scooter Gang, they are mostly skate boarders, but they continue forward. The Scooter Gang orginated a short time after the 29th Tony Hawk game came out. From there the awe-inspiring founders- The Golden Eagle and Ollie G set out upon a skate park, where they were found unwelcome. "We don't like your kind around here", those tony hawk followers often said. They are most famous in there great state of New Hampshire for creating such things as the airplane, the tricycle, the microwave, deodorant, and anti-skateboard spray. Scooters rule, and don't kill trees(like skateboards), just rocks.

edit Scooter Gangsters Vs Sakteboarders

The on going battle for New Hampshire and far off lands in New England continue today. The scooter Gang had prevailed in ridding trashy, hippie skateboarders out of pleasant towns. Nobody wants to see Tony Hawk rip off their front door, pee in a bush, and then extract a skateboard from the wood. The Scooter Gang has been all about countering such acts, by terrorizing skateboarders. The Scooter Gang first tried burning as many forests as possible, but the tricky skaters just imported wood from Japan. Then they spray painted their skate parks, they just painted them more. But when the Scooter Gang joined the X-Games and took tv ratings away from skaters, they could do nothing. Then some members violated a statue of Tony Hawk, that's when the blood began to spread, like butter on bread.

edit The Blood Spreads, like Butter on Bread

Scooter Gangsters are often known for carrying such weaponry such as pitch forks, swords, and scooters. Skateboarders are known for having guns, knives, and lots of illegal substances. When these two bodies crashed, the earth's heart skippd one beat, if of course the earth had a heart. Many couldn't handle the prelude to the notorious Confrontation 150 miles from Plymouth Plantation, what this war became well known as.

edit The Confrontation 150 miles from Plymouth Plantation

Where the great country of America started, would be where a piece of American culture ended. That's what the great philosophers have always thought about Iraq. This is when the Scooter Gang unvieled their ultimate weapon- the 5th way to use a Scooter in means of Defense. The first 4 agree with the Geneava Conventions, but the 5th is worse than making your helpless children watch Barney. The skateboarders let up, and decided to go back to their homeland of Tony Hawk Underground 4. The Scooter Gang can now look forward to a New Hampshire without skateboarders.

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