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“You're Dead!”
~ Donald Trump on Casey and Friends
“USO DA!!!!!!”
~ Rena on Everything that is Casey and Friends on Casey and Friends
“USE SODA!!!!!!”
~ Rena on her comercial for KCF

The official logo of Casey & Friends

Casey and Friends is a 2 on 2 Fighting game made by Type Moon to further manipulate other people to appreciate friendship.No, Actually only gore, and psychopath loli killing through their media. The story focuses on Casey and his life when he transfers to a rural town called, Honeytown and to deal with typical normal uneventful life. Due to its popularity through mass human manipulation, the game spawned numerous manga, and an anime version. All versions of "Casey and Friends" are made by 2kids and are aimed for the general public and for children.


The original Japanese title was "Casey and Friends Happy Fun Time" (lit. Casey and Friends Killing Each Other), but was changed to "ひぐらしのなく頃に"(lit. When They Cry) in the hope that it would have more of an edge, but most believe that the new title sucked. It has a sequel called "ひぐらしのなく頃に!?"(lit. Who cares for a Japanese translation!?), which still sucked. "Casey and Friends 2:In Gorey Hentai" was a more suitable title for the sequel.


The series was a huge hit around the world for teaching many of us the value of friend ship. NICE BOAT!!!

edit Story


Casey inviting Rachel to the Fiesta

In June 1983, Casey and his family moved to a rural town named, Honeytown. This means a new school, and new people which is why he is stressing on what will happen on his first day. Then he meets with a girl named Rachel, they then become best of friends along with his other classmates. And his arrival is also conveniently a couple of weeks before the great Honeyville Fiesta! Casey and his friends go into adventures to help the fiesta and advertise cereal eating actually serial killing.

edit Anime Version

Episode 4 of Casey and Friends titled, "The Fiesta"

The Anime version was a direct translation of the game. The music and background music were remastered to be able to do with the feel of being an anime. And the Gory and Ecchi scenes were even better expressed in animation than in sperm-inducing pictures and CG.

The Japanese cast of the anime's performance was bland and below mediocre, while the English dub was rated by critics to be one of the best of yet, and the episode "The Fiesta" was exclaimed to have the best dubbing of all the episodes. As the episode shows how well words are pronounced in an animated series, and the panting and screaming of Casey was undoubtedly realistic as the voice actor was being tortured and gang raped while being involved in voice acting training.

edit Manga Version


cover of Volume 72 of C&F manga

Unlike the Anime version the manga version is seen by many as third rate when compared to both the intensive and hard hitting action of the game and the award winning acting and animation of the First season which was a direct translation of the game. This is chiefly because of major omissions such as Casey tripping out after eating a cheeseburger, Rita offering Sandy's juice to Sally and Rachel in both of their arcs. The biggest change was in turning Rita's imaginary friend Hannah, who is never seen in the game, into a 9000 year old demon-god that hungers for salsa and human flesh.

edit Characters

edit Main Characters

edit Casey

The hero of the story who has problems with dairy products. Some times known as the wizard of bats due to the fact he can perform real magic while holding one.He is in fact the true villain of the series known as Curse who uses an old note book he found in a locker to "get rid of" those that he doesn't like and take over universe.

edit Rachel

A sweet girl who is mentally retarded. certain words make her spaz out and/or lash out. She is the satan of the show having been controlled by Alien Mind Worms from KFC as a precursor to an invasion to steal all cute things on Earth. She also wields the cleaver of power which gives her the ability to trans

Rachel on a good day.

form into her-alter ego Pretty Psycho Cleaver slut.

edit Milly

Milly and Sally are twin sisters.

edit Silly

Milly and Silly are twin sisters. She is the main endorser of delicious cereal eating , actually serial killing.

edit Sandy

Known as the "Trap Master" Sandy is in fact a bimbo who loves playing jokes on others.

edit Rita

Known for her love of visual novels, mainly eroge, power drinking, and anti-social behavior. Although she loves visual novels she is unbelieveably bad at them, as seen in arc 15 "Unshuffling Chapter", where she has played the same game over a 100 times and never been able to get anything but the bad end, until Casey pointed out that staying alone in the same room as the psycho with the box cutter was a bad idea. Although she seems like a minor character in the first half she is in fact the true villain and is merging with or killing her alternate universe selves so that she will become The One and have enough power to take the holy grail thereby crushing Fate/stay night

edit Hannah

Rita's imaginary friend. She is the true villain of the series and a 9000 years old demon-god and uses a note book known as the Curse Note, a note bookwhich will cause the death of anyone whose name is written in it, to become more evil. Usually people see her able to eat live humans dipped insalsa with tacos.

edit Scott

Sandy's brother. A huge horror movie fan and the only person with any reasoning ability in Honeytown and for that reason ran away from Honeytown.

edit Miss Ciel

Casey and Friend's class' teacher. She is very nice at throwing weapons and does good in her Blow Job.

edit Mr. Delicious

The policeman who loves children. He cares and makes love children. He usually invites them to his van for some games and toys and since he's a total pedo, adultery

edit Tommy Sountodai

The macho photographer dude. He likes taking pictures of loli girl's panties and ecchi stuff. He goes to the fiesta to take photos of the happy people and Rita's panties while she pees

edit Nurse #34

The moe girl. She goes with Tommy to the Fiesta and got lost in the forest. God saved them.

edit Dr. Eerie

The friendly town doctor. He is a total Dragon pedo very nice. When Casey gets sick due to cheesy tacos, Dr. Eerie takes his virginity care of him. He knows Sandy is a boy and because he likes young crossdressing boys often has Scott and Sandy visit the town clinic for quickies check ups.

edit Disembodied Voice

Voice of Barney reminding Casey of moral values. It is soon revealed that this is Hannah.

edit Upcoming Characters in Third Season

edit Arcade Bumstead

A very close friend of Miss Ciel, who enjoys eating junk food, especially ones with lots of tomato sauce.

edit Haruhi Suzumiya

A Japanese local rape goddess AKA Mary Sue who recently moves into Honeytown and tries to rape before befriend Casey. However, she is fed lots and lots of smoked cheese and taco by Rachel.

edit Shiki Tohno

A glasses-wearing geek who is enduring his never-ending battle with chairs. Why he moves into Honeytown is unknown, some says it's some perverted issue between Miss Ciel and him, but nobody cares.

edit Punxatawney Phil

No details. All we know is Sally uses it as emergency food supply.

edit Phoenix Wright

Actually, he is the main character of the sequel of Casey and Friends, called "Phoenix Wright: Will and Witch".

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