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Gun This user is the sworn nemesis of Famine.

edit Remember the Fallen

Check out the shrine to deleted yet funny pages and Remember the Fallen.

edit Goals

  1. To never EVER add any serious content of any kind to uncyclopedia.
  2. Take it to the internets baby. All... The... Way...!
  3. To never EVER further expand the article Tacos vs Kittens regardless of how many thinly veiled threatboxes are placed upon it. Although if someone else wanted to set up some list boxes I would be willing to add some blow-by-blow judgements in such categories as taste and crunchyness, perhaps in a panelized form ala Iron Chef.
  4. Stick it to the man by organizing this page in an apparently EVIL list form. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
  5. Create a shrine to funny pages which have been deleted in a zealous effort by bureocrats to expunge anything funny from the UNcyclopedia. Starting with User:Darkfred/Ouroborus. You too can help, just monitor votes for deletion and move the page here when it passes on to a funnier place.
  6. Stir up trouble!
  7. Then poke at it repeatedly until it no becomes no longer amusing.
Newcookie Mr. Briggs Inc. has awarded you a cookie!
Now go play in traffic.

For being a (less psycho mind you) kindred spirit dedicated to the savior and protection of mediocre articles treated as substandard. You're The Man NOW dog! Mr. Briggs Inc. 19:22, 9 September 2006 (UTC) Eh?

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