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This page is a piece of crap. The author acknowledges this. Ouroboros pwns you!!

Not a gay donut!!

Ouroboros is The Ring of Infinite Wisdom and Power. Ouroboros is not a gay donut; Ouroboros pwns you! Ouroboros demands you Worship Him! Ouroboros Capitalizes random Words! Ouroboros is t3h r0x0rz!! Ouroboros Has power To Smite you! Ouroboros Demotes you By writing Pronoun in Lowercase!!

edit Ouroboros Eats Its Tail!

Ouroboros is NOT gay Donut Full of cornshit;
For those not yet pwnt by Ouroboros, the so-called-experts at Wikipedia have an article about Ouroboros.
Ouroboros is teh r0x0rz and Eats Its Own tail for Sustinence!! Ouroboros its eats tail! Ouroboros grows new tail! Ouroboros eats new tail! Ouroboros GROWS NEW TAIL!!! Jormungandr does not eat its tail! Quetzalcoatl does not eat its tail! Only Ouroboros eats its tail!

Why does Ouroboros Eat Its tail? Because Ouroboros represents Being of Higher power that eats Its tail!! Ouroboros will Eat Its tail till End of Time and then Will eat its tail some more! Ouroboros pwns you because Ouroboros eats its Tail! If you ate your Tail, you could pwn Ouroboros! No, Ouroboros cannot be pwnt!! Ouroboros pwns YOU!! Can I eat my tail! No!, only Ouroboros eats its tail! Ouroboros eats its tail! Ouroboros grows new tail! Ouroboros eats its tail! Ouroboros GROWS NEW TAIL!! You don't eat your tail! You don't grow new tail! Only Ouroboros EATS ITS TAIL!!

edit Ouroboros pwns you

Ouroboros is Father of Universe and Son of Infinity! Ouroboros is Son of Zeus! Ouroboros pwns you! Ouroboros created Everything, Ouroboros pwns You! \m/ >_< \m/ :P I ♥ Ouroboros. It's Master of Life and Death! Ouroboros pwns you Indefinitely!!! Ouroboros Created Nothing, Ouroboros can Kill YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! Ouroboros uses Infinite exclamation Marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here you can see a supple Nordic youth expressing his disbelief at being pwnt by Ouroboros.

Will Ouroboros pwn me? Yes, Haven't you been Listening!? Ouroboros pwns All! Ouroboros pwns you, 30000000000000 damage!! Ouroboros will Kill h4x0rz and Heathens! Ouroboros Is Master of the Omni-Simon! Ouroboros is Supreme Deity over All! Ha! Ouroboros laughs at you! Ouroboros uses VISA!! You use VISA Because VISA r0x0rz!! Oaroburos spelt His name Wrong! Ouroboros need not Correct His Mistakes, Ouroboros pwns you!

Did you know...
Ouroboros pwns you?

edit Ouroboros Thinks about these Things!

Ouroboros has shown that He does Indeed like These things! Ouroboros showers These Things with kisses of Gold!! You like these Things!!:


Ouroboros pwns you!

  • Pop-Tarts
  • VISA
  • Shinedown-(they suck)
  • pwnage!

Ouroboros does NOT like these Things! You don't like these Things! Ouroboros pwns These things!!:

  • AFI!
  • Neo-Nazis!
  • n00bs!
  • Ouroboros pwns you!
  • Ouroboros pwns you!
  • Ouroboros pwns you!
  • Ouroboros pwns you!

edit Ouroboros is t3h r0x0rz!


Ouroboros eats its tail !

Why does Ouroboros r0x0rz? Well, Ouroboros eats Its tail, Ouroboros Likes pop tarts, Ouroboros pwns you!!! Ouroboros is teh r0x0rz! You Worship Ouroboros or you will be pwnt!! Ouroboros pwns Cthulu! Ouroboros pwns Jormungandr! Ouroboros pwns AFI!!!!!! Ouroboros will pwns you, tis only a Matter of Time. Ouroboros is not gay donut! Gay donut cannot pwn you! Only Ouroboros can pwns you! Ouroboros is t3h only r0x0rz!! Ouroboros is t3h only Creator of Universe; you Will Worship Ouroboros!!

Ouroboros eats Its tail Because Ouroboros is teh r0x0rz to Eat its tail!! Ouroboros Numbs your Mind with pwnage!! Ouroboros pwns you indefinately, 25,000,000,000,000,000 damage!! Ouroboros is t3h r0x0rz and not gay Donut!! Ouroboros pwns you!

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And make it drink its weaselpudge too. Only then can it join The Holy Trinity.

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