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When I was born the entire animal kingdom shuddered in recognition of my shear awesomeness, predators and prey alike stopped their mindless hunting and foraging to come and see my ascension from non-existence. It was like the birth scene from lion king but without the shitty song or the ridiculous choreography.

You too, dear reader, should hearken to my words and stand in belated awe at the wisdom I now emanate. Open your mind and prepare to have your illusions shattered, to see your own ignorance driven from you and the void it leaves filled with a wisdom previously un-heard of anywhere.

edit About Me

Picture an axe. No no that's all wrong, picture a frighteningly awesome double-sided battleaxe with terrifying skulls of wicked things engraved into its shaft and the base of its heads. Now picture that this axe, metallic and shined, is so dark in color that the very light around it is drawn into it, causing an aura of darkness around it. Picture that the room it lies in is darkened by it's mere presence, and this awesome and terrible axe lies in near complete darkness even as light is shined at it.

Now picture the axe is darker.



It is the darkest axe imaginable.

Ya, it seemed like a really cool and creative screen-name back in 1997 when I was a teenager and I was all excited waiting for Diablo II to come out. I just haven't changed it since.

edit My Uncyclopedic Adventures (AKA WIP section)

edit H. P. Lovecraft

edit As Yet UnNamed Article

edit Life Wisdoms

My important life wisdoms and insights that you can't live without. Sit a while and listen

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