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Hello, and welcome to Dark Paladin X's userpage that no one gives a fucking shit on. And yes, I'm a liberal, as well most Uncyclopedians. I'm currently a senior in high school and yep, school sucks dick, but you have to do it anyways. Ok, anyways, I'm a Taiwanese-American who thinks the U.S. foreign policy sucks dick who is highly patriotic. Anyways, I ain't going to give a lot of details of myself, or otherwise, I would get kidnapped by serial rapists. If you want to know more about me, go to the FAQ below.

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I have lots of sandboxes because I will work on multiple projects.

Those who have me in the hit list (and also in my enemy list)

oh and Digi now has me on the hit list because of the rape incident of Dawn.

Pokerelated shit

Music that Pokemon really should have but can't because of the right wing


May, Max, and the entire Team Rocket are really pod people

May, Max (Pokemon), and the Team Rocket that we know of for two years are actually Pod People. The photos were taken by the pod people in 2005 showing the REAL May, Max, and Team Rocket. If you don't believe me, click here and here. These photos show the REAL May, Max, and Team Rocket trapped in the white fibers (and ignore the photos of Ash and Brock, kinda irrelevant) like how the pod people trap their victims. The pod people threaten to rape them if anyone attempts to save them.

It was in June 27th, 2007 that I decided to sneak into a NASA spaceship and fly to Mars to save them. Armed with only a wikipedia:Franchi SPAS-15, a flamethrower, and a Desert Eagle, I flew to Mars and fought hordes of pod people, grues, Iranian soldiers, Ultor guards, zombies, mutants, and Robert Mugabe's mercenaries to save May and Max. However, I did NOT save Team Rocket (rather they were killed by machine gun turrets). Ok, they didn't get killed, but I left them to the Martians to give them some bad nights. Eventually, May and Max are saved and they are currently living in Orange County, California. Oh, and I developed a love relationship with May and she is pissed at User:Digimon for not saving her. But hey, at least he has Dawn.

Oh and the pod versions of May, Max, and Team Rocket, they are gone now (and Digimon on earth is a pod person). Another shocker that I found out at Mars is that the GOP tried to cover this up (and here's the catch, the entire GOP party are pod people).

May is a hardcore liberal

Most of you kinda wondered why May didn't appear in the 10th season of Pokemon. Well, here's the thing. The FCC and the GOP pressured the guys who make the hit reality TV show Pokemon to get rid of May. The reason why the GOP (who are now pod people) pressured the guys behind the reality hit show is because May, is in fact, a hardcore liberal. She supports homosexuals, abortion, opposes the Iraq War, and is an atheist anarchist. She highly supports Barack Obama. Also, she listens to the punk rock band Rise Against (who is also liberal). And get this! she supports PETA (which makes her vegetarian) and believes that global warming will destroy Earth. She also love gay people, which she even stated this:

George W. Bush hates gay people.

Sadly, we will all miss May, as she was replaced by Dawn because the guys believe it would attract more audiences (especially guys). what the GOP didn't know is that Dawn is also a liberal as well.


Q1: What are your political views?
A: If you actually see the templates above, I'm a hardcore liberal. I support same-sex marriage (and no, I am not gay, so please shut the fuck up) because I find it stupid and sad to see gays are treated like shit(and historically, gay were treated as shit). You know that gays are people and they are normal like us, and the religious right want to surpress gays and want death as punishment to homosexuality. I also enjoy eating babies and having evolution being taught in schools. I am also for health care, since nowadays, medicine is expensive and the poor can't afford to have good health insurance. However, the Republicans don't give a fuck on the those who need health care, so the life expectancy rate in America isn't as high as Europe. I also want to help the poor by lowering taxes and increasing minimum wage (which is a little contradictory but no gives a fuck on it). Oh and I'm a pacifist that hate all wars. You know what, war is fucking hell and there is no victor in war, only dead corpses and rape. I mean, can we all live in peace and tranquility and tolerate each other or do we want to blow the shit out of each other. Also, I really don't understand how waging wars can solve world peace. We can solve all of this by dismantling every military in the world and there, problem solved. And guns, guns are bad. In fact, if we all the guns away from everyone, there will be no more crime since no one have guns to rape or murder someone. I also hate dislike the president George W. Bush because that asshole had lead us to an unneccessary war. Also, I hate unnecessary censorship, especially in anime (observations by me and my friends in high school, radio is the least censorship while anime has the most).

Yes, I, like most liberals, respect freedom of speech. And in America, you can do whatever the hell you want (well except raping, running around naked, and shooting others in the head. Oh and I also think death penalty and torture are acts of revenge and that should go). After all, only dictatorships use capital punishment.

Q2: Why you chose to be a liberal?
A: Ok, well first of all, if anyone have noticed the conservative Christian agenda, the agenda calls for the return of traditional values in America (which they claim, America is founded for and by Christians). But wait, didn't Thomas Jefferson founded USA of freedom of religion and the separation of church and state. In addition, America is NOT a theocracy, it's a democracy. Also, if you let religion dominate every aspect of life, let's say...ooohhhh, a shitty life where some crazy guy wants to nuke our assess and a place where Dawn might be forced to wear a hijab which ruins her sexiness. Ok, maybe some aspects, but not your entire damn life for fucking sakes. Also, have you notice that the religious right AREN'T tolerant to emos, gays, Muslims, Pokemon fans, Goth people, rap music, hard rock, Disturbed, Rise Against, Bee Gees, video game addicts, pro-Darwin evolutionists and abortionists (which ironically, the Bible and Jesus say that you have to love everyone no matter what). So what these guys want to do, they want to influence the American politics, silence those who oppose the Christian traditions, and take control of the entire media. They also can't stand Pokemon because of the "evolution" thing (if you know what I mean). In other words, Christians want to suppress pleasure, things that we enjoy, and create a theocratic dictatorship. They say that Christian values in America will sustain freedom. Ok, here's a thing. Freedom is pleasure and pleasure is freedom. Freedom of religion is pleasure. And also, before you Christian right go out and vote, do you ever think about people who AREN'T Christian or religious. The Christian right wants control of everything and they are taking things of extremes. Oh and they can't handle swearing in Uncyclopedia, so they want censorship and they created the FCC to do so. In simpler words, the Christian right want a totalitarian theocratic state. Ok, so I kinda criticize religion. I'm not against Christianity or religion, I'm against religion being spiked up or having religion control everything. You kinda get the gist of why I'm a liberal. WAKE UP AMERICA!! UNITED STATES IS GROWING MORE CONSERVATIVE!! GO OUT AND VOTE DEMOCRAT FOR FUCKING SAKES IN 2008!!

Basically I'm not against religion but against religion taking things too far.

P.S. I forgot to mention this but often racists are on the right-wing sector (i.e. Nazis). So that's another reason why I side with the left.

Q3: Are you tolerant to everyone?
A: Hell ya! I love everyone, unless if you are a rapist or someone who hates Jews.

Q4:Do you enjoy watching Pokemon or any anime?
A: I used to when I about 7-10 years old, but now I'm 18 years old and I outgrown that shit. In fact, if you can go check this article out, Pokemon, as well as nearly 65%+ anime in the United States are highly censored by the FCC and the right-wing Christians. The only good anime I watched in my entire like is Origin: Spirits of the Past and films from Hayao Miyazaki. This is because there is no clear editing and cutting and the voice acting kicks ass. As compared to Sonic X, Dragonball Z, and Pokemon (Show), there is a lot of nonsense editing and cutting (I mean, I don't if someone says "kill" or any reference of death in Pokemon and I don't mind if I hear a song from Disturbed in that show). Not only that, the voice acting sucks dick. Apparently, most of you might agree that the Japanese version is better (do I mention Japan is liberal?). There are many reasons why I consider Happy Tree Friends to be funnier than Pokemon.

Here's a thing I would to say: if anyone is over 14+ and still watches that show, they should get a fucking damn life because they should have known that Pokemon as well as most anime is fucked up.

On the other hand, I create Uncyclopedia articles on Pokemon for satire due to the censorship.

Nobody in high schools give a shit on Pokemon anymore

Q5: Are you a communist?
A: For fucking sakes!! I ain't a communist, did you read the userboxes. Anyways, I have a disdain on communism because not only the concept of communism sucks but if you look at all communist countries in history, they were all shitted up so bad and everyone acts like automations. In other words, totalitarianism.

Q6:Who do think is hot? May or Dawn?
A: Dawn is the hottest and everyone wants to stare at her for over an hour. However, I like May better because she seems the most optimistic from all of the Pokemon characters that I heard off.

Q7:What is your taste of humor and what's up with all the references to rape?
A: My taste of humor is kinda hard to explain. All can I say is this, I don't go off bad mouthing blacks and Jews. Most jokes are often related to the Christian conservatives and English version of Pokemon. Also, I also act apathetic in some articles (especially ones about Pokemon) because people find sarcastic apathy to be funny (like saying no one gives a fuck on Pokemon in Uncyclopedia, which is damn true). I also try to pull off jokes on serious topics (in HTBFANJS, it does say being silly about serious topics can bring nice humor and vice versa). Heck, I tried the joke on May stating that she enjoys being raped ans straitjacketed, but Digimon didn't really find that amusing or silly despite of the straitjacket picture of May I made (everyone have different tastes of humor. For example I enjoy cookie'n cream ice cream while Digi enjoys broccoli ice cream).

Q8:What are your tastes of music?
A: Open of all different tastes of music as long there isn't any unnecessary censorship. If it comes to my most favorite, I would say mostly in the rock genre like punk rock and hard rock

Q9:Wait! You are against censorship!! What about the children?
A: Put a sock into it. That where you ass comes in to make sure little 1-12 year olds don't see disturbing stuff. I manage to make sure my 7-year old Pokemon fan couz didn't see this site (especially ones relating to Pokemon). If for some reason you don't let your 7 year old child watch Pokemon, you're a dick.

Q10:How come you have fixations on certain things, and then later you drop them and have fixation on others?
A:Let's keep that a secret between you and me. I'm really high-functioning.

Q11:Just exactly how bad is your English?
A:Bad to suck dick. When I write articles I end up writing the opposite meaning because I left a few words out.

Q12: Do you play any computer games?
A: I play Guild Wars, but I'm trying to cut my computer time so I can focus on my school work. If you need anything, go to here, here, and here under the same username in Uncyclopedia (unless, of course, if the forum is a dick and says no space, I go with Dpaladinx).


And now for my closing com-

Oh...... FUCKING SHIT!! Not another Pokemon gallery!! Only pedophiles and noobs watch this shit. Go click here, here, here, here, here, and here. Oh a serial rapist, eh? Then go click here, here, here, here, here, here (with couple of nice rape, torture, and bondage pictures), here, and here.

Ok, I'm fucking tired of Pokemon since no one gives a shit on that show. Now go fuck yourself and masturbate while looking at these pictures. oh fucking shit, now Bulbapedia is keeping a close eye on this gallery.

A message to Protest Warrior who contradict themselves

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