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The Über Pokéemo Sociopath makes his first appearance in the Pokemon hit reality TV show.

The Über Pokéemo Sociopath (a.k.a. That Emo Guy from Pokémon, Paul McEmony, Emo Rapist Maniac, The Emo Torturer or simply known as The Über Emo) is an emo warhawk sociopath and current rival of Ash Ketchum (deceased, now played by his clone) and Dawn in the hit reality show Pokemon (Show). He is known not to show any sympathy to others and brutally beats his Pokemon to meet up to his standards (which is high-ended evolved Pokemon and uber strength). He doesn't fit your stereotypical emo of the slit wrist stuff when depressed. Rather, he finds someone to torture and fuck with if depressed (especially May and Cream the Rabbit).

edit Biography


Dawn flips out at the Über Emo for insulting her hotness while Brock comes in with his Desert Eagle.

The Über Emo was born in Liverpool, England with his emo parents with the birth name Paul McEmony (pronounced Mac-EMO-knee) . Throughout his life, he learns to dress like an emo, but never act like one. Rather, he acts like a warhawk, wanting taste for war and bloodshed. At the age of 4, he and his parents moved to New York City. However, life in NYC wasn't easy. He was often teased by random people (which kind explains how he develops his sociopathy). When the emo was 6 years old, his parents committed suicide simply because they can't find a job and they suck. Ever since his parents' suicide, he was living in a cardboard box in a low-class ghetto where the mayor neglected the neighborhood completely. For the next five years, the emo learned Taekwondo and mastered parkour skills. While living in the ghetto, he killed 3,942 Crips and 6,487 Bloods. Sadly, the ghetto he lived got destroyed by a bomb, but on 2006, he was accepted into the Pokemon reality TV series. Some Idiots say that The Über Emo has the age of 11, of course, this is totally false.

edit Personal Life


The Über Emo demonstrates his parkour abilities in front of May and Cream before torturing and raping them. You can't outrun that bastard.

Ever since he was accepted to the TV series, he developed rivalries with Ash and Dawn. He believes Ash and Dawn are "pacifist sissies" and they suck at Pokémon Battles. Whenever the emo meets up with one of them, he attempts to beat them up with a baseball bat (only to get bitten by Turtwig in the groin).

The emo also practices parkour on a daily basis. He does not do parkour just to impress ladies. He uses his parkour skills to chase his victims fleeing from him and tortures them once he catches his victim. He also does his parkour abilities in front ladies (and later torturing the ladies as well), however, one day a Blonde whore pwned him because she was the Pokemon Leguague Champion, YOU IDIOT !), kicking his pokemon ass with just one pokemon, then proceeding to kick rape the Uber emo (Which, actually, made him emo for an instant, instead of the Warhawk he is used to be).


The Über Emo spotted smiling for the first time. Here, the boy asked if he ever tortured Dawn before. The Über Emo he haven't, and he is planning to do afterwords (which he did). You bastard.

The Über Emo used to own lots of guns. Many of the guns include an AK-47, a Desert Eagle, a Franchi SPAS-15, Benelli M4 Super 90, and a MAC-11. However, they were confiscated by the police. Rather, he have strong Pokemon with him instead. Those Pokemon who does not met up to his standards always end up getting shot. The Pokemon that the emo killed because they sucked includes: an Azumarill, 3 Starlys, a Jigglypuff, a Charmillionaire, and 10 Torchics

Some people believe that the Über Emo life is perfect. But really, the Über Emo is quite depressed. The Über Emo never fitted in with others in his life and feels that nobody cares about him. He really feels lonely and wants girlfriend , but he constantly tortures every girl he sees (Most of the time, May) A popular belief is that the Uber Emo is actually in love with May, and thats why he tortures her all the time, even going to the extent of raping her to feel how good it is when he's with her, *sniff* This is so touching...Or maybe he doesn't fit because he constantly TORTURES people for fun of enjoyment, and he can't get laid any other way. But he is mentally healthy, since he doesn't have any thoughts of suicides.

The Über Emo personality is quite unique. Many have observed his personality to be the polar opposite of May (as well as certain beliefs). He can have violent outbreaks and cursing tirades (which some scary results). While May is very sympathetic and optimistic, Paul is a pessimist and apathetic. The Über Emo is highly conservative and hates gay people. He also enjoys killing people and having sex with older women. Not to mention it the Über Emo is very smart, with an IQ of 148.

The Über Emo is a (former) wanted criminal. That is because he violated the restraining order on May by getting to close to her (and he tortured her as well by tasering her). Since 2006, the police have place an metallic ankle bracelet on May and the Über Emo. Should he come closer lower than 5,000 feet, the Über Emo would be arrested. He was found guilty in a speedy trial sentenced to life in prison. However, the Über Emo uses his parkour abilities to flee from prison and off to torture May, AGAIN!!!

The Über Emo listens to Rise Against, Disturbed and Über Emo music everyday.

edit The Über Emo the torturer and his torture victims

The Über Emo is well known to torture lots of people. Most noticeably, Cream the Rabbit and May. He seems to torture Cream more the May because Cream is a total crybaby and May had put a restraining order on the Über Emo. However, a recent written journal of the Über Emo states that he will equate his torture between May and Cream (in other words, 50% of his torturing on May and 50% torturing on Cream). The Über Emo have been known to torture over 8 billion (don't ask) people and 275 million Pokemon. His torture methods consists of inflicting physical and mental pain on the victims (such as, the Chinese Water Torture, waterboarding, rape, straitjackets, whipping the victim while the victim is suspended off ground with the hands tied, power drilling through the head, releasing 100 Poochyenas to have the victim viciously get shredded, and dismembering limbs).

On September 11th. 2007, Bush pardoned the Über Emo on his crimes and has been made as the chief torturer of Guantanamo Bay prison.

edit Some extra shit

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