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Title: UnNews:China prepares for war against the United States over a Congressional Gold Medal

18 October 2007

Beijing , CHINA Today in Beijing in the People's Republic of China, the Chinese president Hu Jintao had announced that China will be building an army to invade the United States after George W. Bush awarded Dalai Lama the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest award to some famous person. The Dalai Lama (a.k.a. Tenzin Gyatso) is the Buddhist Tibetan leader who fled from Tibet after China kicked the Tibetan asses and invaded Tibet (after Dalai Lama left, the Chinese began building factories producing "Made in China" shit in Tibetan land and raped and killed one million Tibetans and Buddhists).

"The People's Republic of China solemnly demand that the U.S. cancel the extremely wrong arrangements," said Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on the day before the ceremony, "otherwise, the glorious will build up an army and kick your slimy American ass for awarding the medal to Dalai Lama." He did not specifically stated how the reward ceremony to Dalai Lama will hurt the Sino-American relationship but it can be inferred that China would declare war in order to take the medal themselves in order to sell the medal for 100,000 pounds of dumplings.

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