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Starting 9/11/07 (the 6th year of the September 11th attacks), I'll be using this sandbox to create and build up new silly articles. The reason being was one of my pages was under VFD even though it was under construction (work in progress). Here's I will be creating and editing new articles. So whatever do, do NOT fuck with the article or file complaints (in other words do NOT edit anything here or post in the talk page, only I have the privilege to change things in the sandbox). This is to prevent any of my articles that is under construction under threat of noobs who want to delete stuff.



Number: 403 Type: Taser Evolves from: N/A Evolves into: Luxio

Tim's Shinx giving 100,000 kilovolts of death to Bill Orally. "Don't tase me bro!" was Bill Orally's last words.

Shinx (Japanese Name: Kolink コリンク a.k.a Suxor) is an evil lion cub found in the African Savannahs. They electrocute anything they see in sight. Of course, despite their evilness, they are relatively friendly and just love to shock you for fun of endearment. According to local tribes in Africa, this cub travel in packs of seven and often huff elephants (as well eating the flesh of them). Shinx also communicate other Shinxs with their paws!! Which means they can easily be taken down when they raise their paws to communicate. Currently in Congo, it is illegal to own a Shinx because the government doesn't want anyone to use them to overthrow the regime. Shinx has been also been reported to be poached and often used in military purposes. However, this has been proven to be bullfuck. When being attacked, they often perform the infamous Shock and Awe combo to p00n your ass.

Tim McIlrath owns a Shinx. The name of the Shinx is "Fuck You."


Number: 417 Type: PachiPachiPachiPachiPachiPachiPachiPachiPachiPachiPachiPachiPachiPachiPachiPachi (am I annoying you? It's electric) Evolves from: Evilness Evolves into: None

Dawn's Pachirisu after a nacroleptic attack (or is he commiting suicude? You, <insert name here>, be the judge)

Pachirisu (Japanese Name: Pachirisu パチリス a.k.a. Evil Electric Squirrel) is an evil annoying white squirrel with teal-blue stripe and yellow cheek spots that shoot electric shocks of death. Often, their mischievous evil activities involve giving people hell or bad hair days (for example, Dawn). The squirrel is not only evil, but cute. Therefore, the Pachirisu attracts many idiots before those idiots become uber-fried from the discharge by Pachirisu. So if anyone is really dumb, come across a Pachirisu, and say "Aw, how cute!" to this son of a bitch, that guys must be dead meat then. Pachirisus, however, don't kill people in interest, just to give everyone a nice time in hell. Not to mention it, Dawn's Pachirisu has narcolepsy.


Number: 427 Type: Normal Evolves from: None Evolves into: Lopunny

A Buneary having many love sexual interests with Pikachu. This behavior isn't common with Bunearies. No, really, it really isn't.

A Buneary (Japanese Name: Mimirol ミミロル) often live in forests in Canada and Sweden, performing ritualistic dances of the earth goddess. This involves having her feet tiptoeing (which she does so ALL the time) and moving around with just one foot. Their dances often resemble to girlish ballerina dances and giggling from hell. The cream-colored fur of the body is really a cream-colored tutu that if anyone attempts to huff under the "fur," one would get a nice pain from hell. Bunearies also eating berries, especially lingonberries, and most live in Sweden because Sweden grows a lot of lingonberries there. In fact, in a Buneary perspective, eating these berries is almost like smoking weed to them (In other words, they are addicted to lingoberries). If a Buneary doesn't get her hands on a lingonberry, she cries like a total baby. Also, there are no such thing as a guy Buenary, since the all Bunearies are girls anyways.

Dawn currently owns a Buneary who have many love sexual interests with Ash' Pikachu, which is quite unusual because Bunearies often DON'T have any sexual interests with anybody.



A Glameow used Shadow Claw attack after Professor Oak attempted to huff the kitten. Fool!! Glameows can't be huffed.

Number: 431 Type: Normal Evolves from: None Evolves into: Purugly

Glameow (Japanese Name: Nyarmar ニャルマー a.k.a TKTCHAW) is a type of unhuffable kitten that often live in forests that cannot be huffed. Its nickname stands for The Kitten That Can't be Huffed in Any Way. As the nickname states it, Glameows cannot be huffed in any option. In fact, Glameows hate being huffed by anyone (including admins). Those who attempt to huff a Glameow (like Professor Oak on the picture to the right) will get some hurt by that Glameow using Shadow Claw (and yes, it is pain from hell). Other than that, Glameows typical activities involves huffing noobs and mice, licking itself, and perform your typical kitten activities that everyone knows of. Currenntly, there are two known owners of the Glameow. One is Dawn's mother, who was once a hot actress. The other is Zoey, Dawn's friendly rival and Drew's lover.


Number: 446 Type: Normal Evolves from: None Evolves into: Snorlax

Munchlax (Japanese Name: Gonbe ゴンベ) is a little fat bearbunnypig and the nephew of Fat Mike. Munchlax does nothing but wander around and find food. Because of that, Munchlaxs are highly capable to heart attacks and diabetes because they often eat something fatty and such. In fact, Munchlax would refuse to eat vegetables unless something fatty and delicious is mixed in (i.e. pizza). Unlike the older cousin, Snorlax, Munchlax exercise way more than Snorlax (3 minutes of exercise for a Munchlax vs. 30 seconds for a Snorlax). As usual, Munchlax are lazy bastards who often sleep a lot, therefore, the chances of them evolving would be really low.

May is well known to own a Munchlax, nicknamed "Lil' Fatso" by none other than Chuck Norris (who later roundhouse kicked it).


Number: 448 Type: Taekwondo/ Steel Evolves from: Riolu (confimred by the Egyptians) Evolves into: None

Lucario (Japanese Name: Rukario ルカリオ a.k.a. The Anubis Pimp) is a jackal pimp from Egypt who attracted many nappy headed hoes and bitches. Lucario is VERY Legendary. In fact, he once kicked Glenn Beck's ass in a 1v1 taekwondo showdown. Lucario doesn't have sex with girls or anything, since he's a virgin. Instead, he go out on dates every time he impresses a girl. Of course, the relationship with the girl usually lasts for three hours to three days because Lucario would eventually impress another girl and abandon the girl who had a date with. That bastard. His signature move that impress many ladies is called "Aura of Uber Pwnage" where he creates a bright light on his left hand and throws it up in the air where it explodes (only later that the aura destroys some of the ozone layer, thus making global warming worse).

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