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edit Lignus's Humble Beginnings

Dark Lignus, or Dark as he is addressed, Was Born in the Town of Dexen on April 12, 1990. His original name was Aizen and his Last Name Kun. But he decided Dark Lignus Was Much more Bad Ass than Some Aizen Kun. At The Tender age of 6 days, His Mother Noticed he was a ninja and Several Seconds after that Realization did 2 Ninjas Appear to Take Dark into their care. hey Trained him in the Art of Assbeatery and Boatdoken. After Six Harsh Kick ass Years of ninja Training, Pirates raided the Ninjas but Were Slaughtered. Some how Dark Lignus found his way onto their now Deserted Boat and Used Boatdoken To get the Fuck Away from his 60 year old Ninja Master that apparently "Loved Him Long Time". After several Minutes of High Speed Ninja Chasing, It was time for Sex in the City, So the Ninja Stopped chasing Dark and Went back for one hour of Crying Laughing and Man Handling. Dark Was Spared, But only for the moment. He was a ninja but also a Pirate, Thus Creating a Pirate-Ninja Hybrid. Thought Impossible Since a Pirate would never Consummate his Feelings for a ninja. But Dark Was God's Mistake. He Learned to Curse Several Weeks Later and Grew a Small Beard. His Power Multiplied by Ten Million During this period but then was Sealed up in His Right Fist. When it was Sealed, Black Ribbons Wrapped around his arm, Like Gauze, But Bad Ass Gauze. Dark Found out he could Control the Gauze to Become as Bad Ass as he Wanted. He Also used it to impale people who doubted his Bad Ass-ity. The Ship Dark was on was in actuality very much alive. One day it began to speak to him and call him a dirty dirty whore. Dark, who took offense to that statement, Pronounced it untrue and Destroyed the Ship with his SEUPER AWESOME BATTLE ACTION RAYS OF DOOM. As He Floated in the Pacifier Ocean, he pondered. And He kept Pondering until He developed a special Ninja Technique that allowed him to float on water AND chew gum. Using his New Fangled Style he ran across the Top of the Water at Top speed while chewing a piece of Wrigley Mint gum. After Several Minutes he accidentally Stepped into the world of Pokemon, Sucked up by a hyper accelerated Beam of Awesomeness. Dark couldn't resist the beam, since it was almost as cool as he was. He awoke to find himself in a throne room. Hundreds upon thousands of Pikachu lined up all along the side of the Long Room, each carrying Some sort of Light saber. The King Pikachu Bellowed at the top of his lungs in the Ancient Pikachu Language. Dark, Being a Ninja/Pirate Hybrid Quickly Caught on and Mastered the Pikian Language. He Asked the King how his Day was and The King Replied with a big warm PIK-PIKACHU. Dark spent 8 Years in the Land of Pikachu, learning To Control his powers. At Some point in his stay in that world, his powers increased another Ten Million, But this time the Ribbon was White and Wrapped Around his Left Arm. As you may or may not know, this was so fucking bad ass Jesus was like "DUDE!” Yeah Even He Couldn't Believe the Bad Ass Level Dark Was able to Achieve at the tender age of 16. Dark Lignus Felt it was time to leave the Pikachu Realm and start off on his journey to defeat new Pope, Emperor Palpatine. Though Dark Was Much more powerful than All of Palpatine's many Bitches. He Could not face them at the moment. First he felt he had to Gain the Bong of Chocolate Chip Pancakes in order to Distract the Corrupt Cardinals. So he Could Focus all of his Bad Ass-ity onto the Emperor. Palpatine took no chances and Created several Large Barriers. Aizen, knowing he wouldn't have the strength to go take on such a force, Proceeded to Journeny, On a Quest to find Lord_Gneo and Lady Keoni. Their Power was Close To Darks So he Decided to seek them out. Dark First went to the Kaze Temple to change his name to Aizen. The Priest there Spanked him and gave him the Power to Summon the Very Essence of wind magic. As he was leaving the temple he Met a Naked woman, her Genitals barely covered by a small amount of white gauze, stained with blotches of red. She Spoke one word.Amoena. Aizen Left and She Followed, never Speaking another word till this very day.

edit Nick Name's

Dark Lignus or Aizen Kun has many names usually given by the people he has trained with. Though he usually nods his head whenever someone wishes to name him. That is only because he doesn't give a shit.

edit Aizen Kun

His Birth name, A name given to him by his mother whom he was shortly taken from. No one knows what happened to her after the ninja's Kidnapped him.

edit Pirinja Dude

A Name given to him by the millions of people who died to help him further his power. Also his Rank/Status name, seeing as he is a Pirate/Ninja hybrid

edit Accomplishments

Dark Didn't just do the Goku training and eat shit while flinging his own at others. In fact all he did is fight against Strong and powerful people.IE Barney, Godmon, UltraJesusMon, etc.

edit Vs Davey Jones

Dark Lignus has many accomplishments though some may call most of them sins, and Some can go fuck himself. Being a pirate you'd think Dark would be afraid of Davey Jones. He would, if he didn't kill Davey Jonmes in a One-on-One Battle to the death. After 5 Months of Straight Battling Dark summoned upon the power of Chuck Norris. As Chuck norris's Power's Flowed through him he round house kicked Davey Jones to Hell.

edit Vs an Army of Mutated Bunnys

During his stay in the realm of Pikachu, a large army of Green Bunnys. He Fought so hard his gauze was released as green radioactive blood rained down upon the kingdom of Pikachu, Killing of thousands and scarring millions for the rest of their lives. Though they wwere slain, this didn't stop the one remaining Bunny. He Absorbed the Dead Bodies of his Fallen Comrades and Dissappeared in a maelstrom of Radioactive blood. Dark Blinked for three hours straight and then continued to train with the Dickachu Leaders of King Kang Chu-Fu.

edit Vs Red Hat Society

Aizen was associated with the Mutated Sandwiches Cult and recieved a distress call from Heather. He jumped into action and confronted the Whole Red Hat Society. They unsheathed their umbrellas and cocked their crimson handbags. after several hours of fighting. all was quiet. All were Dead. Aizen and the Leader of the Red hat Societies Bodies were never found. To this day they are both presmed dead and the battle Glorified as "Coolest Fight This year".

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