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NOTE: This userpage does not exist. If this userpage appears to exist, it is just a mere product of your imagination.

dEATH list:

Whoever visits this userpage shall die in three seconds.

The following people are scheduled to die for visiting this userpage:

  • User:<insert name here>

This user page comes in three different langauges

edit English:


Welcome to my user page. Please feel free to edit this page or send me a message on my talk page. To send me an email please click here

edit Typo:


Wclomee to my uesr pgae. Peasle feel fere to eidt tihs pgae or sned me a mseasge on my tlak pgae. To sned me an eiaml peasle cilck here

edit Gibberish:


dnfdshgoidfszugjoisdzjfidsohgdfzsiughysdiufsoi. iudhgiudshpgasJFaosdgndiuszghiaudhfisudhgiudafhgibuvdvniudf. hfighdisguohasifjdiguvdfhbigudfsznvojkasfdf

Firefox Logo This user believes the Mozilla Firefox could easily defeat Godzilla.

This user is a girl and is made of sugar, spice and everything nice.

usb This user likes to use userboxes.

Mr rubber ducky This user has been approved by Mr Rubber Ducky, have you?
Numbersix This user is not a number, s/he is a free wo/man!
? This user is anonymous. That is, numbskull, he or she doesn't want you to know who he or she is.
typo-X This uesr only spakes Tyop enouugh to seduec naitve Tyop spaekers.
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