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“How did you get here? Who the hell are you?”
~ DarkL on you

edit About DarkL


DarkL's favorite soda.

  • Full Name: Darkenian "L" Linkire
  • Sex: Male
  • Birthdate: 2287, Dodecaember 32nd (He came\will come from the future)
  • Age: 279 negative (This is a lie)
  • Blood Type: Yin+
  • Height: Some inches taller than you (or some centimeters shorter than you. Well, I don't know you!)
  • Weight: Variant.
  • Birthplace: Unknown (The place still doesn't exists, why do you want to know anyways?)
  • Known Powers: Eye beams (this is a lie); complete control over the water element (this too); mind-reading (this is not); and teleport abilities (some say true, some say false, and I am confused...)

“More questions? Just kick it in my discussion page!”
~ DarkL on more questions

“Did you know that I like quotes?”
~ DarkL on quotes

  • DarkL is someone who is likely to dislike you, if he sees you then you should run like hell before the eye beams. Or not.
  • He just wants that closed-minded people stay the fuck away. You know those people, right? The kind who tell you their way is the only way to reach supreme happiness? Then they'll kill all your ideas about intelligence and freedom of speak. If you aren't one of those, lucky you!
  • Opinions about censorship: Censorship is the way of controlling minds saying that this or that is not the right thing for you to read or watch. But censorship has its good part, if you are very horny you can rape someone else's work just for your own dirty pleasure ...wait, how is that good again? Let us not forget that fans have more respect for the work than the just-called professionals translators.
  • He also knows how to play Smash Bros, look!

A Button: hit. B Button: hit harder, or not, but don't overdo it! C Button Stick: also hits, not in diagonal, though, and only in certain modes. L Button: shield. R Button: ditto (not the pokémon). X Button: jump. Y Button: eevee, no! I mean... Z Button: grab people. You can use C Button Stick: to control the camera, but not when you're using it where you use it to smash someone's face unto oblivion. Use the big one with one of those in the back to grab someone, like pressing C Z Button. Start Button: pauses the game or steals one stock of the person who isn't your friend anymore but were a few secs ago. Select Button: there's no select button. D-pad Up: use it to show you're the man/woman/thing. Control Stick: move around. Use the button that hits to try to hit the item and don't hit it, get it. Use the button that grab people during airbone to grab something that is not a person, but an item, only when there is an item. And finally, use A+B+K to soul charge.

edit O Que é MMORPG?

MMORPG (ou massively multiplayer online role playing game) é uma forma de conectar todos os jogadores de RPG (cultistas) pela internet para que juntos possam realizar o ritual que invoca Cthulhu.

MMORPG (ou massively multiplayer online reeducação postural global) é uma forma de exercitar seu corpo no The World antes de entrar em coma.
“Era um lugar muito escuro, não tinha nenhum docinho... Mas olha como fiquei marombado!”
~ Orca on seu tempo em coma

MMORPG (ou massively multiplayer online rocket propelled grenade) é uma forma usada para enganar milhões de jogadores, fazendo-os pensar que estão fazendo sucesso na net com bonequinhos bombados quando na verdade eles são alvos de tanques cadentes e, logo após, uma RPG (rocket propelled grenade).

edit Os Primeiros Fanboys

Durante a época dos homens das cavernas um deles encontrou uma pedra diferente das outras, uma pedra fantástica, uma pedra que revolucionou a forma das pedras existirem. Homens das cavernas experts analisaram a tal pedra, que ganhou uma nota média de 10/10 das revistas especializadas da época como a Stoned Power e a ERM (Earthonic Rocking Monthly).
Mais tarde, porém, surgiam novas pedras, mais criativas, mais potentes e mais divertidas. Muitos desses homens das cavernas não conseguiam admitir a existência de pedras melhores que "A Pedra" então passaram a urrar coisas como "Urr hugh arr RUH!" ("Nenhuma pedra é melhor que "A Pedra!"), entre outras coisas.
E é assim que surgiram os primeiros fanboys. Contrário à crença popular, essas formas de vida não evoluíram até hoje.

“Devido à grande vontade de serem aceitos muitos jogadores de videogame cultuam Final Fantasy VII sem usar muito o cérebro e insultam outras versões e as pessoas que delas gostam. O mesmo pode ser dito sobre The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.”
~ Capitão Óbvio on o problema com jogos populares e fanboys

“Gostei muito dessa história de pedras!”
~ KK levando para o lado literal a pedra metafórica

edit Quotes

“Who am I? You sure you wanna know?”
~ Peter Parker is about to reveal his secret identity

“Hahahahaha! I'm Gabi!”
~ Peter Parker on his secret identity

“He never fooled me.”
~ Haseo on the above quote

“Yeah, I finished that.”
~ AAA on any game

edit Last Section, Useless Userboxes

This user is right-handed.

In Latin they would be Dexter.


This user is reading your thoughts!

Numbersix This user is not a number, s/he is a free wo/man!
Euroipods1 This user supports the giving away of free iPods.
Towel migration This user knows the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.

This user is not who you think he is. In fact, he is someone who you think is not he, who thinks he is (who you think is not - who is).

Firefox Logo This user believes the Mozilla Firefox could easily defeat Godzilla.

Mario-lo-res This user is a Gamer and therefore creepy.


edit The Section After the Last

I'll translate all of this in the next february 31 soon enough.
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