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Nuvola apps important It is a violation of federal, state, and/or international law to view this article.
Thus, YOU MAY NOT VIEW THIS ARTICLE. Violators will be punished with instant decapitation and a $20,000 fine.
Nuvola apps important

Hiding kitty This user is a member of the Anti Kitten Huffing Movement.
Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow meow meow meow! MEOW!
Gefahrensymbol F This user enjoys indiscriminate pillaging.
TheJeeMan Jesus loves this user, and has blessed this page.
Moneypig This user is a capitalist pig and will eventually buy out your puny revolution.

Stop hand nuvola alternate
This user has been blocked
1 time.
pika-4 This user speaks Pikachu at a near-native level.
Head on

HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead! HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead! HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead! HeadOn, available at Walgreens.


This user thinks that
Mr winkler is GAY, he suxs!

edit Trophy Room

Stop crap I was banned from Uncyclopedia, and all I got was this lousy template!
You have been banned from Uncyclopedia for misconduct. May your sad fate serve as a warning to others.
Make Uncyclopedia better, not worse. Stop the cycle of violins.

I'm so proud!

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