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Suryavarman II
Suryavarman II
Nationality Siamese,Angkorian
Order: -Dark Lord Bishop of Siam
-Sith Lord of Siam
-Emperor of Siam
Reign: 1123 – 1155
Preceded by: Suryavarman I
Succeeded by: Alfonso II
Date of birth: 1095
Place of birth: Udarapura,Siam
Date of death: 1155
Place of death: Udarapura,Siam
Dynasty Kabutois
Spouse Suryadevi
Issue Alfonso

Suryavarman II or St.Suryavarman (Sith:Sureiyaveiraman II) (Thai:พระเจ้าสุริยวรมันที่ 2) (Sanskrit:सूर्यवर्मन द्वितीय) is grandson of Kabuto.Suryavarman II born in 1095 into Suryavarman I.Suryavarman also is Catholic.Suryavarman is the first Siamese Emperor declare Dark Lord Bishop of Siam,Suryavarman II join Crusade in 1137.Suryavarman II died in 1155.who is the greatest Emperor of Siam and Catholic Monarch of Siam.

edit Early life

Suryavarman is Siamese and Angkorian Suryavarman is good at Thai and Latin Languages,he is religioud about Catholic and become Theogian in 17 year old.Suryavarman become Vice Emperor in 1118

edit Vice Emperor life

He become Vice Emperor in 5 year before become Emperor.he vuild all Cathedal in all City at Siam.he married Suryadevi at 22 year old

edit Emperor life

edit Early Reign

He become Emperor at 28 year old he make war with Neo-Funan in 1125 Suryavarman II attack Nakhon Chaisri and Neo-Funan Breakaway.he make his cousin Sinhavarman become King of Funan.

edit Conquest

He attack Funan in 1125,Funan become allie with Siam.he war with Champa is Rival all time,Champa by King Jaya Indravarman IV.

edit Religious of Suryavarman II

He's the most Siamese Strongest Catholic believer he build many Cathedal.he send all Catholic priest to convert his alliance Gondor and Mordor.

edit Relationship

edit War with Champa

he is the most war with Chams,he hate Jaya Indravarman IV-VI.but Cham are Hindus later Buddhist in Jaya Indravarman V.

edit After War with Champa

in 1130 he sucess attack Champa but Jaya Indravarman VI was kicked.he send Catholic Priest to Convert Cham people he make Mahavarman is King of Champa.

edit Later Life

He War with Dai Viet but Dai Viet was Invade by China Suryavarman II set Army to Attack Hanoi but Hanoi belong Siam but He make alliance with China.

edit Death

He dead in 1155 by Heart Failure.He is The Most greatest Siam Monarch at Medieval Era.His Sucessor is Alfonso II

edit Suryavarman the Great of Siam and St.Suryavarman

Most Thai People believes Suryavraman is most Catholic faithful and First Bishop of Siam.He aslo called Suryavarman the Great.

edit List People Kicked by Suryavarman II

  • Jaya Indravarman VI- King of Champa.
  • Saruman
  • Sesaworth-Cham Senator.
  • Yoda
  • Satan
  • Saddam Hussein
  • Morgan Black(from Age of Empire III)
  • John Black (from Age of Empire III)
  • Nathaniel Black(from Age of Empire III Warchief)
  • Chayton Black (from Age of Empire III Warchief)
  • Kanyenke (from Age of Empire III)
  • Bryan Fury
  • Sahin (from Age of Empire III)
  • Billy Holme (from Age of Empire III Warchief)

edit Allie

edit Enemies

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