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Rohan-Mordor Siam War
Date: 624-?
Place: West of Mordor Siam and East of Rohan
Outcome Unknown.
Mordor Siam
Mon Kingdoms
Rohingya Confederation
Chandravarman I
Prince Indravarman
Chìêt Yuên†
Hazalim of Rohan
Ngô Mặng
Armies of Sith/Dark Jedi Elephant of Sith Mordor Troll,Calvary of Mordorian 50,000 Crossbowmen Most of Rohanrim Calvary and 100,000 Swordmen
853,547,900 KIA 890,000,000 KIA

Rohan-Mordor Siam War' is the most Madness War of Rohan and Siam.Chandravarman I is Sith and attack Rohan,Hazalim is Ruler of Rohan attack west of Siam.the first battle called Battle of Three pagoda Border.Chandravarman use his lightsaber to kill Rohan army.but Hazalim has many Calvary.the Confict is Border in Siam and Rohan.Siam Have many Strong Army but Rohan have many good Weapon to fight.this confict many Noble people and other Ruler died in War.

Yeah yeah, but who REALLY won the war?

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edit Siam VS Rohan

In early 7th Century Siam have Bad Relation to Rohan anytime Hazalim is Starter War.Rohan is Light Side Empire Hazalim Has Lightsaber Color is Blue,Siam is Dark Side Empire Chandravarman I has Red Lightsaber .Both Side are Angry when they War.Rohan has Many Calvary use Lightsaber and Swordmen but Siam have Many Dark Jedi and Crossbow improved than Wookies Crossbows Jedi like to Party.but Sith like to kill People and Purged City!.

edit List People Involed War

edit Siam

who have † died in War. ** missing in War. *** who is not people from Siam Mordor.


Chandravarman I with Sith light saber.

  • Chandravarman I of Mordor Siam,Emperor of Siam "Yes,I make Mordor turn to Dark Side"
  • Prince Indravarman (later King Indravarman I in 645)
  • Prince Karmavarman,second son of Chandravarman I
  • Srivarman of Funan***,King of Funan
  • Bharate
  • Vali†,General of Siam
  • Alfonso I of Battambang ***
  • Nagavarman
  • Issaravarman of Isan†,ruler of Isan "No I can't Died in the War"
  • Chìêt Yuên† ***
  • Chìêt Dưcân† ***
  • Ngứyên Mình Yạnh ***King of Dai Viet
  • Chư Hâtíen† ***
  • Reizul ***,Khmer General fight for Siam
  • François***,Son of Duke Alfonso I of Battambang
  • Joao,Ruler of Lanna
  • Qu Zhao† ***,King of Nanzhao
  • Qu Yi† ***,Vice King of Nanzhao
  • Wenuzuan,Ruler city of Maha Angkor
  • Ngứyên Yuan Mang ***
  • Karat†
  • Binya Kian,King of Mon Kingdom
  • Hakera
  • Hongsavarman
  • Burake †
  • Saworth***,Khmer Volunteer
Samurai003 saber

Darth Cruise And his Siamese Army

edit Rohan

who have † died in War ** missing in War *** who is not people from Rohan

  • Hazalim,King of Rohan "Hahaha I'm Ruler of Rohan"
  • Serthorn†
  • Salim†,General of Rohan
  • Ngô Mặng ***
  • Ngô Sen ***
  • Issak of Gondor ***,King of Gondor
  • Ngô Mang ***
  • Soronir† ***,General of Gondor
  • Dekum
  • Newame
  • Viên Sơc Kânh † ***
  • Derakum Khan † ***,Khan of Assam
  • Ramawana ***
  • Yanum †
  • Sakum **
  • Torke †
  • Seven of Rohan Great Knight† (Qezum†,Nazim†,Richard†,Malcolm†,Tiberius†,Nerius†,Faliconum†)
  • Yani Maran ***,Ruler of Manipur
  • Senavisek ***
  • Razulum
  • Suraki †
  • Maungsi ***,King of Early Burma
  • Reseru ***,ruler of Rohingya conderation

Light saber of Hazalim.

Yeah yeah, but who REALLY Great Leader in this War?

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edit First Battle

Chandravarman I set Tower in border prepared to Repel Rohan Invader led by Suraki Chandravarman set Ambush before Rohan arrive then Rohan arrive Dark Jedi ambush many Rohan died in War but Suraki still arrive Suraki use his power to Kill All Dark Jedi but Dark Jedi dead Chanadravarman I duel with Suraki but Chandravarman I kill Suraki in Battle,Suraki died in Battle of Three pagoda Border.

edit Siege of Sangkaburi

Rohan General Torke to use his calipult to attack City Siam lack Dark Jedi in city.Vali ruler of Sangkaburi mad,Vali use his Sword to kill Torke Siam Crossbowmen kill many Calvary.Vali saw Torke to fight Torke kill Vali then Torke shot by Siamese Crossbowmen.Rohan sucess siege Sangkaburi.this battle Rohan won.

edit Sea battle in Gulf of Siam

Armiral of Siam,Nagavarman set many Ship but Nagavarman Big Ship name Suryajaya,Nagavarman fire Many Rohan Ship next day Nagavarman saw Armiral Razulum Razulum said Siam have Suck Ship.Nagavarman ship ran away then came back to battle in day 4 Funanese Ship to help Siam fight Rohan but Funanese ship is weak than Siam day 8 Sea battle is on going until day 12 Nagavarman shoot Razulum ship and Razulum Survire in Sea battle.

edit Siege of Tenasserim

Bharate attack Tenasserim Bharate is Siamese to kill Yanum.Bharate was ambush by Rohan and Burmese but Bharate survire at ambush in day 2 Bharate is not prepared to War until day 5 to invade Tenasserim.he invade sucessful but Yanum survire after Tenasserim cead to Siam.

edit Battle of Shan State

Nanzhao attack Shan state rule by Gondor but Shan aid by Gondor and Rohan later Burma came of Mid-War.Qu Zhao Aid by Joao and Chandravarman I in morning of day 9 Qu Zhao Siege Keng Tung but Qu Zhao was killed in Battle in day 12 Qu Yi to revenge his father and send Assassin to kill Shan ruler but Shan Ruler was assassinate.Qu Yi Siege Keng Tung but Qu Yi was Shot by Shan Bowman and Siege sucessful!!.

edit Battle of Phuket!!!

Reseru of Rohingya launch attack Phuket Isaland but Siam was Aid by Funan,Mon and Nakhon Sri Thammarat.Rohingya Attack Talang city in Phuket but Talang was Conquer by Rohingya but Siam have still City in Phuket island Rohingya Ship was Stolen by Some Siamese Navy don't have any own Ship Reseru said Fuck You! Chandravarman I.Reseru Sad about Ship was Stolen.Siam Army Drove out Rohingya Army but Reseru Steal Siamese Ship and Ran Away the War Siam Won this Battle.

edit Battle of Sathong River!!!

edit First arrival

Binya Kian of Monland and Joao of Lanna reach near Sathong river,he make Camp near River He said set the camp before the Burmese and Rohonrim attack Our Camp still Doing.Joao still Pray God for several hour.Joao set Redout at Near Sathong River.

edit Arrival of Rohan

Hazalim said "Joao use his Fuck to Build his Camp" He use Canon to fire Joao's Redout.But Joao Still Arrive Hazalim set Base in Near Sathong River.Joao ran away from Battle in Day 2.

edit Morning of Day 3

Binya Kian still not leave Battle.Joao request Chandravarman I of Siam to Attack Rohan base in Sathong River but Chandravarman I accept to Attack.Joao set Lanna army to Battle later Hazalim still in base.

edit Hazalim attack Siam army

Hazalim set Cannon attack Siam army but Chandravarman I use Cannon to kill Hazalim but Joao is shot by Rohanrim Cannon Siamese army is so sad about Joao dead. but battle is not end.Hazalim said "Hahahahaahaha".Chandravarman I is very sad about his friend Joao dead.

edit Joao arrival

Joao Blokcade Rohan way, Siamese Look Joao an said Joao is still Arrive!.Joao is anther Joao body Joao said this body is fake people,Chandravarman I see Joao body is some Rohan transfrom to Fake Joao.Hazalim said "Damn! why Joao is still arrive this is alies"

edit Late battle

Hazalim ran away from Battle the Battle is Siam won.

edit Battle of Madness of Toungoo

Chandravarman I called Allie Attack Toungoo,Capital of Gondor.Hazalim talk to Reseru about Fake Joao dead.He aid his allie Gondor.Hazalim want ot kill Chandravarman I like hell people.

edit Assam join Rohan and Gondor

Derakum Khan think Siam is Dark Side.Derakum to aid Gondor.Derakum said Chandravarman is Evil,Chandravarman is Fuck!.Derakum send Yani Maran to aid Gondor but Yani Maran accpet his Order later Derakum talk to Issak of Gondor "Can I help you King Issak.Issak said "yes,Goodjob Assamese people to aid us.

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