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Stop crap This page would make a shit on a stick look good...and I am proud of it.
Your computer has been shamed by showing this page. Turn it off and put it out of it's burning it.

“Why, I never!”
~ Lady Burtlingtot on darcken
“What? Who? Is he a real person?”
~ Some hobo on darcken

Since I don't have a good picture of me this is the closest thing I could find


I am a proud Romanian, don't like it? Futu-ti mortii matii! Now go to Romania

So What's the story about me?
Well In joined Wikipedia about a year ago but every time I posted something I got hundreds of angry messages telling me to stop. So I chose to go somewhere where my talents would be respected. Unrelated to that I also joined Uncyclopedia.
Since I joined I was blamed for having too much of a serious, wikipedia style. I can only say PHILISTINES! You have no idea what is good!
If you're one of those wanting to tell me I suck please don't bother, go play with your penis or something.
by the way...I misspelled my user name when I should have been Dracken...damn

edit Pages I work(ed) on

I consider the work you have done says more about you than anything else so here is what I have edited or/and done since I officialy joined uncyclopedia.

History of Romania
Monkey chained to a typing machine--unfortunately deceased but resurected
Dexter's Laboratory
Louis Armstrong-- edited diferently
Dick--redirected to penis

edit Pages that made me snort out coke

Dragostea din tei

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