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This is me... Well, not really, but I sure wish I was that sexy

“Bloody hell, i wish this guy would stop quoting me, he knows its not funny any more”
~ Oscar Wilde on Danvan
Danvan is quite obviously ratarded. You can tell this because all of his articles are quite obviously retarded...i mean....disposible pets! Come on.

edit Articles by Danvan

Disposable Pets

Top Secret Nazi Moon Bases



edit Unnews

UnNews:North America stolen, justified as finders keepers, losers weepers

edit Uploads from Danvan

Labrador Puppy2

The logo for Cude-Cuddles-Carpet

Bush Burning

When flag burning went out of fashion, the Christians suggested Burning Bush

edit Awards and whatnot

Is it quiet in here or is it just me?

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