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PublisherDickhead Comics
First appearanceOMFG! MY SUPERHERO BROTHER IS SO FUCKIN' GAY #1 (June 3000)
Created byThe Professor from that PPG shit
Real nameYekaterina Perfectovna Danilova
StatusUnknown (and who gives a shit anyway?)
Communist Party of Motherfuckin' Russia
t.A.T.u. Fans Club
Previous affiliationsThe Bloddy COCKsacks
Notable aliases{{{aliases}}}
Notable relativesVladimir Vladimirovich RASputin (sugar daddy, currently shagging his Arab bitch Alina Kabaeva)
Dmitry Medvedev (sour daddy, single and available)
Ayndy Randy (mother, DOA)
Vodkalicious (closet gay brother, coming out... soon)
Notable powersDrinking 50 bottles of vodka without getting killed
Mind read
Fake fake Russian accent
Russian man detector
Perfect Borscht
Hair color change

Danochka (born Yekaterina Perfectovna Danilova July 31, 1990 in Putingrad, Russia) is a sexy, sensually beautiful and idiotic Russian superheroine in the award-winning comic book gay drama of all time OMFG! MY SUPERHERO BROTHER IS SO FUCKIN' GAY. She is created by Professor Utonium after he mixed sugar, spice and everything nice with urine (he was reportedly drunk while having sex with Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, the Olsen Twins and RuPaul). She was portrayed by Paris Hilton in the TV series... with the fake Russian accent, of course!

Early life

Yekaterina Perfectovna Danilova was born in July 31, 1990 in Putingrad to parents Ayn Rand, Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev (both of them are real fathers). She has a younger brother named Vodkalicious, who has been hiding in his gay closet for 16 years. In an interview in Larry King Live, gaylord Medvedev announced that Vodkalicious will come out of his closet on June 2008. As of July 2008, he is still in hiding and CIA has presumed him dead.

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