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Okay, the story with this space is that it's my nuclear testing ground for creating a template.

OK, here goes:

That one went surprisingly okay...

Let's try another:

Lovely. How about another?


edit The following template may be just a LIIIIITTLE too big.

edit More Horrendous Experiments

How about this one? Let's try:

edit Oh, Dear

What a mess my lab is in. Well, as they say, if you're not part of the solution, there's good money to be made in prolonging the problem. So here's another template.

edit This Is Fun

We are now going to experiment with colours (or "colors", for those out west who can't bloody spell).

Okay, so "#900000" produces a red colour (see the "u" there? LOOK AT IT!) for the background. Lovely. So what do the other numbers do?

edit Colourrrrrrrrs

So what happens if we mix them? Let's try #905070...

What about, er, #706055?

Alright, so far we've worked out that the first two numbers after the hashtag are for red intensity, the middle two are for green and the last two are for blue. We've also worked out that there needs to be more of one than the other two for it to look any good. What about this?

edit YELLOW!

We now have found the yellow. It's yellow time, mothers.

Let's add blue...

edit No More Poop, Please

edit Enough About Colours

Let's try different images and GIF's. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Mr. T... but overexposure can be draining, yeah?

Excuse me while I mill about Uncyclopedia for a bit in search of new things to put in...

Ooooh, this next one is much better... ^-^

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