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Dan Pulea (Dan Cocks) (born February 29, 1966 - 2013) was a notoriously controversial novelist, philosopher, astrologer, actor, essayist, filmmaker, scientist, visionary, prophet, member and secretary of several Romanian organizations, founder of the foundation "People for People" hunter of rabbits, deer, foxes, wild boars, holding the secret of eternal youth.

He was born in the city Ticleni, the 252 th largest city in Romania and the 6th largest in the county, from a poor family with 5 children. His mother, a working and relogious woman, had a strong influence on his education and career.

He attended 5 kindergartens, six primary schools and one high school. Along with these courses of singing and acting.

In his youth he was a central defender, finance and coach the local team Ticleni Momentum.

He fought relentlessly against the inertia of the system, totally ignored by the Romanian cultural institutions.

His career has been full of achievements that do not require mention.

After 1989 he decided to leave the country.

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