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So basically, this is where I put a brief history of Burbank, Australia

edit History and growth

Raised under the loving care of Mr Burbank, the land grew into a hilly area with a small creek running through it. As it grew older it expanded until it was prevented from further expansion by the Scots of Mackenzie. By command of The King the eastern border of this favoured land ended at the creek, on the other side of which lived the Red Indians in the Redlands.

edit Contributions to capital works programs

Burbank has a long and varied history of contributing to capital works, but as is most often the case never sees any of the work done in its own electorate. Instead, the money gets spent by politicians closer to the Brisbane city centre on commendable activities like hoes, beer and porn (used to relieve the stress of pre-feasibility studies). Burbankians are not bitter about this at all, and are philosophically awaiting their revenge, which according to the region's religion will come in the form of a large winged river which will pour out its water on the lower-lying areas of Brisbane, thereby raising the water level in the city, causing Burbank to be one of the few remaining suburbs above water-level. Some people in Burbank think that this is a Myth, and instead believe that politics will be forced to take notice of them once the city expands.

--DanQnA 02:28, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

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