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I contribute only in areas where I have knowledge or experience, so if you find something I offered that was mistaken, please let me know on my talk page, and if I have managed to offend anyone, also please let me know.

edit The areas I'm knowledgeable within are

  • → Telecommunications
  • → ISDN / Automated Call Distributors
  • → Embedded software engineering
  • → Internet TCP/IP protocol stack including layers 1, 2, 3, and 7
  • → Robotic automation of sortation devices (such as in distribution centers and warehouses)
  • → Hiking, bicycling, camping, climbing (without safety) swimming
  • → Wilderness First Aid
  • → Delayed Medical Response First Aid
  • → Hiking trail volunteering, maintenance, building, surveying, and repair
  • → Rock busting (Plug and feather / Feathers and Wedges)
  • → California hazardous wildlife avoidance (flora, fauna, viral)
  • → Scientific debunking of claims of the paranormal, flying saucers et al.
  • → Engineering processes (project life cycle methodologies)
  • → Fire fighting suppression, tools, methods, materials, and equipment
  • → Professional interpersonal relationships with the public
  • → Radio communications systems, policies of use, and procedures of use
  • → Locomotive transportation infrastructure (non vital from wayside to office, to dispatch)
  • → Potable water catchment and distribution infrastructure
  • → World Religions
  • → Some areas of organized crime (those committed under the ruse of 501(c)3 tax exemption)
  • → Corporate training in dispute resolution
  • → Federal training in chainsaw safety and other safety arenas
  • → Human rights, civil rights, freedom of speech law and advocacy

edit Wiki entries that I watch include

Wilderness Arena

edit Contact Information

Nothing normal

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