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Note:Hey, beware of this badboy known as Dainidankai, he said, it can kill you with a Genki Dama.

edit Dainidankai

Hey niggas, Dainidankai want a lousy 2011 for you and your family, you're fired from your job, if you have one, you abandon your family, your PC that you can not burn and never access the Uncyclopedia, which the sysops block you every time you log in with a new user, or as ip, your dog bite you and kill you, and you might be hit by a garbage truck, and that all trash from falling on you. Sincerely Dainidankai.

edit What he did to get here

Nothing It was in the market, and his journey towards his home, he found a perverted old friend, who was pissed off because a kind of site, he said, had messed up with your favorite anime series known as Naruto, then he said he wanted to erase it but did not know how then was asked to me to create an account and vandalize the article Naruto. By creating the account I was with that in mind, then when created the account, I realized that I was an Alcoholic Anonymous and had already visited several times Uncyclopedia, happy with that, I decided that I would not vandalize the article, and started investing in what I really like, and SPADE. Now here I am, addicted, intoxicated, stoned, single, thanks to our wanted Uncyclopedia.

edit What he wants here

Create articles about what he likes.

edit Where did he come from ?

He came of Desciclopedia, today (07/01/11), was creating an article, until he decided to create an account on Uncyclopedia, and now created your user page is the same as the Desciclopedia, but different, because if it was the same it would be equal, not equal and how it is different.

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