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Worms are small tubular animals, much like a a snake, but it has no scales, no bones, no teeth and they cannot read or scare people as much. Worm poison is 10 times more powerful than any snake poison. This number is suspiciously coincidential with the fact that only 10% of snakes are not poisonous, making them the coolest living creature in the "History of Cool Creatures Volume 2" by Charles "The Snake" Darwin (this book conveniently excluded the shark, which is the only animal cooler than the snake).

The Tatzelwurm

The Tatzelwurm a reptilian, half cat, half worm, half life 2. Measures about six feet in length, and has two front legs with giant sharp claws. It is said to be a nazi worm who lives in germany and the alps, it also breathes deadly fumes that can kill people.

The Mongolian Death Worm

The Mongolian Death Worm is a type of worm that lives in the Mongolian Gobi Desert. It kills about 30000 mongolians every year, including Genghis Khan. Its also sometimes called Allghoi Khorkoi which literally mean "blood filled intestine worm". It is attracted by the color yellow, and it can shoot deadly corrosive acid and bolts of lightning. Only this worm has the power to fight a shark.

Do worms have teeth?

No, worms have no theeth. Sharks however have many, many teeth among many other superpowers like razor skin, super senses, underwater breathing, electric powers and Shark-Ray Vision.

Shark With Laser

Shark Using Laser, Unlike Sharks, Worms cannot use lasers

How do Worms Dig? Is it with their teeth?


Then How?

Worms dont really dig. they just eat dirt. Mainly they just eat on one side and crap on the other. This is the reason why some people,(like Hitler) believe the Earth is either hollow, or filled with worm shit.

Shark dietary habits

Basking Shark

Shark Mimics a Worm, A shark trying to eat water, the same way worms eat earth

In contrast to Sharks, worms eat mainly earth, dirt, rocks, concrete, and occasionally hair. their favorite kind of hair is the hair from big rabbitS who belong to women, hence the expression: "The Worm is eating her hare´s hair!!!" commonly used by mongolians who live in the desert, as will be explained later or not.

Shark´s main diet consists on humans. Contrary to what most would think, sharks dislike the taste of surfers, they just taste them and then kill them in a blind attack of rage due to bad taste. Much like your taste if you are still reading.

Sharks prefer to eat little children, sunbathing girls, and Republicans. Great White Sharks often disguise themselves as humans in other to eat the food Tina!, however their human costumes are lame since they look too white, specially the great white shark, who looks bigger and Blacker.

Did You Said Blacker?

Yes, Im glad you asked. Great Whites look blacker, but only slightly blacker, like Michael Jackson is blacker than an albino blacker. In fact Michael Jackson is great white shark in disguise, the shark assumed his identity after eating the real Michael Jackson. (Who was black)

The Worm Wars

Worm wars have existed always, proof if this is Worms: Armaggedon. The only thing that can kill an angry worm is another worm, among many other things, including Sharks, Bombs and Eva Longoria.


Shark Michael Jackson on the right, demonstrates how poor can shark costumes be

Varieties of worms

Varieties of worms are all lame. except for alghoi korkoi, also known as Uncycloworm in crappy, countries populated by morons, such as the United States of A.

Varieties of Shark

   * Shark
   * James Woods
   * Shark Moth
   * Loan shark
   * Shark garbage truck
   * Shark for Mac OS X
   * Shark Energy drink 
   * Los Angeles Sharks
   * San Jose Sharks
   * Shanghai Sharks
   * Sharky & George
   * Gameshark
   * Sheffield Sharks
   * Shark With Laser
   * Tallahassee Tiger Sharks
   * Worcester Sharks see also:

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