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“Not related to me in any way.”

This is image comes to mind when Daniel Chaves is mentioned in a conversation. In reality, no one really knows how he looks like

“You know... he doesnt really exist. right?”
~ Oscar Wilde on Superman.

edit Introduction

[[Image:|thumb|right|The Nazi Cows are marching toward Paris, their udders literally ready to burst Cheezism.]] Daniel Chaves is a 199-year-old evil scientist who controls many evil organizations, and continuosly attemps to take over the Costa Rica, The World and Middle-Earth.

Internet has little information on this megalomaniacal person. Proof of his uncanny ability to hide his identity.

edit Attempts at Conquest


This cow is preparing to huff this cat, the source of their ultimate power.

By the end of the Third Age, Chaves gathered a huge army of orcs, trolls, and stormtroopers. But an earthquake destroyed most of the army when a fat little hobbit and his gay partner destroyed the earthquake preventing ring. The rest of the army was destroyed by teenagers.


I[[Image: |thumb|right|The muzzle velocity of a single round from her charged udder is “Whole Milk” and if you are lucky, the 2% shot won’t go bad in two weeks.]]



[[|thumb|right|Gettin' ‘em while they are young and supple makes their personality and blind idealism more tender and easier to digest.]]

edit Notes and References

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