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Eh. I am a noob. I am responsible for the greater majority for World War II (video game), and for Chocolate-covered black holes, but that's about it. Oh, and a couple of Oscar Wilde quotes. Nothing much.

Recent convert of Pastafarianism, which is also nice. I guess.

NOTE: Though very much a high school student, follow this equation.

EMO = (not)me

So stop talking about me, please. If you weren't talking to me, than at least this message goes out to imaginary people. From my head, you see. They are all pretty nice, except for Doubt. I don't like him much, he's a bit like John Kerry.

Democratic-senatorial-bashing aside, I am in every single way partially, militaristically, geographically, and geometrically opposed to George W. Bush. We hates him, yes we do, he steals the precious.


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