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Channel 360 Branches:

  • New episode of Red vs Blue coming soon!

Whats On:

Purge For Next Show (May take a few times)

Welcome to the first ever TV talk show we call "Chat Time With Dave". "Welcome to Chat Time With Dave, I'm your host, Dave Davis. Shall we go to the phones? Ok, this is Shelly on line 2. Hi Shelly. Is your refrigerator running? No it's being repaired, why do you ask? Oh crap------- Huh, she hung up. Ok, this is John on line 4. Hello John what's on your mind. I'd like to talk about public safety. Ok, thats one of my favorite subjects, continue John. Don't you agree that we need raise the speed limit to 200 mph, I'm always late for work because of it. I don't agree, that would be very unsafe. Aww you suck Dave!------- Why the hell does everyone hang up. Ok this is Larry on line 2. Hi Larry. I'm addicted to Shaving man! What?! Yeah I am, can you give some advice on how to stop?!------- Ok, I hung up that time. Uhg, am I the only normal person in this town?! Uhg lets take a commercial break.

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