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edit Top Stories

edit Cult Children Taken Away From Thair "Home"

July 22, 2009

Children at the Yayayaperaluzekala Ranch where recntly taken away by the SWAT team because of the messed up unnatural way of life. Children where to begin working in the fields as soon as the children could walk and talk. The children only had one meal a day and they had to eat moldy food. The children also had to be test subjects in the weapons lab. The SWAT team recieved this information when four kids ran away because they could not take it anymore. The cult leaders tried to fight back when the SWAT team raided thair temple. In the cult, the average family has 18 wifes, 5 husbands and 34 children. All people in the cult are bald except for the cult leader. The cult believes that they are peaceful (though they are not). They never cry, they never show any emotion, they do not believe in hapieness or fun and they do not play or take breaks from work. I do not know what you are thinking at your home but, I do know that this reporter is sickened by this story.

edit New iPods Talk?

July 23, 2009

You may or may not have heard but yes, it's true. In just a few months the new iPod that can interact with people. The iPods have a talking chip in them and an automated A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) that is supposed to make them interact with humans. They cost around $1700 each and are about the sice of a basket ball. They are very heavy and have to be rolled around on a cart. We now go live to reporter Richard Eater at Apple Headquarters. Hai guys! I'm here at the FANtastic Apple headquarters with Bill Gate and Mr. Apple, owner of Apple. It appears that they are fighting over whos idea this was as usual. Baack to you Tom. Thanks Richard, well that's the end of our story, tune in next time for 360 View News!

edit New Army

July 23, 2009

A new army has been started to follow in the Grue Armie's footsteps. But the creator of this new army created it to be just some club that pretend fights with other clups, not realizing that the grue army is an anti-vandalism group, not a pretend club. The creator is wondering how he is going to explain this to the grue army because he already asked for an alliance. He could paste this story next to the alliance declaration. That would explain it.

edit Hobo Urinates In Wal-Mart

July 25, 2009

Local hobo caught peeing on a pile of apples in a Wal-Mart. Jon Jonins called the cops. The hobo put up a deadly fight, one brave cop finally stopped the madness, but he ended up with a few boo-boos on his shoulder. A local doctor saved his life by giving him a bandaid. Many people shall remember this day and the heroic fight the officer put up.

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