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Da man360 (Nman649)
Name: Noah
Projects: Life RPG 5 or Life RPG Remake (Collaboration with Wazzup80)
Reddit: Nman649
YouTube: Ncs649
Steam / PSN / XBL: Nman649
Skype: NmanGaming
League of Legends: Nman649

I'm an old Uncyclopedia user from a couple years ago and I recently returned. It's gonna take me a while to remember how things work but I plan on working with a pro team of experienced developers, plot design experts, and editors on a new text game (for fun). I used to make a games a lot a while ago (I wasn't very funny at the time though) which was really fun. If anyone can help me out getting used to uncyclopedia all over again that would be sweet.

---Da man360Talk 06:24, September 30, 2012 (UTC)

UPDATE So after being gone for a while again, I wanted to come back and work on Life RPG 5 some more but apparently it gets deleted if you don't feel like working on it for just two weeks! (it had been 2 weeks at the time I checked on it, it's been a few months as of me leaving this message) So, I've left Uncyclopedia again, mostly because all I do now is play League of Legends and Starcraft II.

---Da man360Talk 00:04, March 24, 2013 (UTC)

edit Testing Space

[[Game:<insert name here>|test]]

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