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“OH MY GOD!!!! I feel fine”
~ Captain Oblivious on whacked-out-psycho-state
~ Psychic on whacked-out-psycho-state
“Why is this happening?”
~ Peter Griffin on whacked-out-psycho-state

A whacked-out-psycho-state is a psychological state characterized majorly by utter discombobulation and the inability to perform regular cognitive functions reflecting logic and reasoning along with thought processing. A person who is afflicted by such a state is often referred to as a cousin of Bill Cosby or just all-out retarded.

edit Discovery and History

The phenomenon was discovered in 2003, when US president George W. Bush Jr. deployed Sigmund Freud's grandsons, Bill Cosby's second uncle and Joe Pesci's step-grandfather into Iraq to covertly perform a case study on Saddam Hussein under the disguise of Kazakhstani gypsies in order to prove to the Democrats that there is, in fact, a disorder of some sort being exhibited by Saddam. Bush Family claimed that the illness of an unspecified ilk was attributed to Saddam through countless listed actions including the gassing of thousands of cheese curds and the prominent invasion of Beverly Hills and Harlem. Following a week after Bush's sending the men to perform research on Saddam's "illness", the men made their return and handed Bush a Manila folder holding the typed results of their research, which, as Bush read to the public and media, cogently summarized that Saddam Hussein is diagnosed with a whacked-out-psycho-state, the previously defined condition that was granted its straightforward, vociferous title by Bill Cosby's second uncle, who said that he had pulled it as a catch-phrase from one of Bill Cosby's stand up routines in Uzbekistan that appropriately fit the nature of the psychological state. You have read this article.

edit Causes of a whacked-out-psycho-state

The research achieved above specifically declared that a whacked-out-psycho-state can be evoked by:

  1. Having a Mesopotamian hairstyle
  2. Oppressing or being oppressed
  3. Having invisible secret WMD's
  4. Abhorring democracy or any ideals pertaining democracy
  5. Agreeing to what Oscar Wilde says
  6. Reading any book by Stephen King
  7. Crying over spilt milk
  8. Uttering a triple negative
  9. Kicking pregnant women in the stomach
  10. Having a YouTube account
  11. Saying things that are obvious to others, including yourself. (i.e.: You have read this article, I think it's flooding....)

Stanley Beavis, in traditional Cornholio garb offers an Iranian official surface-to-air missiles in exchange for "T.P. for my bunghole!"

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