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“OH MY GOD!!!! I feel fine”
~ Captain Oblivious on messed-up-psycho-state

A messed-up-psycho-state is a psychological state characterized majorly by utter discombobulation and the inability to perform regular cognitive functions reflecting logic and reasoning along with thought processing. A person who is afflicted by such a state is often referred to as a cousin of Bill Cosby or just all-out retarded.


Stanley Beavis, in traditional Cornholio garb offers an Iranian official surface-to-air missiles in exchange for "T.P. for my bunghole!"

edit Causes of a messed-up-psycho-state

The research achieved above specifically declared that a messed-up-psycho-state can be evoked by:

  1. Having a Mesopotamian hairstyle
  2. Oppressing or being oppressed
  3. Having invisible secret WMD's
  4. Abhorring democracy or any ideals pertaining democracy
  5. Agreeing to what Oscar Wilde says
  6. Reading any book by Stephen King
  7. Joining in cults such as Fat Albert and Charles Manson
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