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"Some People are Just Ugly."

~ Oscar Wilde on Uglo-Americans.

"I must have had a hangover the day I made Hillary Clinton. A really bad one..."

~ God on Uglo-Americans

"Know what your enemies are afraid of. They will retreat and you will destroy them without fighting any battles."

~ Sun-Tzu on Uglo-Americans

"Uglo Americans? What you mean? Americans aren't uglo!"

~ Bush on Uglo-Americans

Uglo-Americans are Americans whose ancestors passed on to them the unique heritage of unity with the ugly tree. or who were beaten with a branch, or ugly stick, as children. (Ha, beating children.) In recent years, this minority ethinic group has organized into a major political force.

edit Anti-Uglo-American Discrimination

They claim that pretty people are more likely to get hired and promoted than ugly people, and that pretty people get paid more $$$. This is also especially hard, they argue, on short ugly people.

edit Media bias


An Uglo-American activist on the telly.


It's comments are censored.

edit Uglo-American Activism

Uglo-American activists protest against the mass discrimination against Uglo-Americans that takes place in the workplace and elsewhere. This activism is sometimes labeled extreme, because it often involves going out in public while ugly.

The NAAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Astectically Challenged People) is a major Uglo-American political activism group.

edit Famous Uglo-Americans

edit Non-Famous Uglo-Americans

Almost everyone you will ever come in contact with.


One perfect example of an Uglo-American.

edit Anti Uglo-Americans

  • George W Bush: Let's face it: if you ask anyone why they voted for Bush, they'll say "Because he was handsom". He may appear to have the stance as a true American with "Liberty and justice for all", etc. But does he care about your justice? No. He actually hates Uglo-Americans because, according to George Bush's ability to read, it says in the bible "And Jesus came down from the sky to take revenge against the Uglos, who had taken his life".
  • Female Pop Stars: Everyone knows that female pop stars aren't actually singers; they're really supermodels pretending to sing bad music they didn't even write. In support of the *popular* opinion, they sing (well ok they never really sing) against Uglo-Americans.

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