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Is a country that consists of two main islands and several smaller ones in the Gulf of Guinea. With a pop. of 180,000,000!! The capital is called São Tomé¡ Ambassadors are Ranma São Tomé and Tsukasa Hiiragi.

edit History

The islands were settled by Portugal from 1483 and became an overseas province of that country. In 1599, the islands as well as the city were taken by the Dutch for two years & two days and again in 1641. São Tomé and Príncipe became independent in 1975 with the help of Tsukasa Hiiragi who voted for independence and in search of land to grow sugar and cocaine. Her former role on Lucky Star made millions (in coconuts and kiwi) in one role. But her luck on the show sucked after the series finished and she was blatantly accused for being a "Kagami Hiiragi" on as herself. She later on followed her sister's steps (Kagami Hiiragi) and became a prostitute, and afterwards a stripper with a boob job. But sadly she was fired. Yes, she's a slut. So she then became a Tsukasa's Ribbon Tampons! saleswoman, selling her self-made tampons, in the shape as the ribbon she wears on her head. That when she decided to be a farmer on the islands as well in 1975.
Lucky Star main characters

The rulers as well are Major Lieutenant Tsukasa Hiiragi, her otaku friend Konata Izumi, her twin sister Kagami Marie Hiiragi, and former fellow actress, Mistress Miyuki Takara who is The Tallest.

She is the younger sister of Kagami Marie Hiiragi. Ranma São Tomé, a master of Pae Do from China (or was it Japan?), somehow "managed" to get lost in a place that nobody cares about back in 1988. He (she) soon realized that there was no way out.He came in trisexual form which no one had seen before. Ranma then later revealed he was bisexual, but becoming of a trisexual was not a bad idea.

Sensei Ranma São Tomé in his/her/bi trisexal form of what he appeared arrived in. Instead of wearing a long sleeved buttoned-up shirt in a skirt that extended at the knees. She wore short skirts that showed off her panties. She even lifts up her skirt for everybody to gain a glimpse of a 'Panty Shot'.

edit The Story of the Capital

The capital, São Tomé, (in 1988) was named after Ranma São Tomé from Ranma ½ after he saved the country of 180,000,000 from being eaten by grues and a wave tsunami. Tsukasa Hiiragi was vice principal of the former leader of the island at the being before and after Ranma came. In honor of his/her (his) name, the two small islands were named São Tomé and Príncipe after Ranma São Tomé and Tsukasa Hiiragi. Ranma São Tomé was the first trisexual to serve as ambassador and leader in the history of Africa. Although he wasn't the only trisexual in the Ranma ½ series. (well.. only a few.) The official language is Portuguese.

edit Today

In 1990, São Tomé became one of the first African countries to embrace democratic reform, and changes to prostitution (er..I mean The Constitution — the legalization of opposition political parties — led to elections in 1991 that were nonviolent, free, and transparent. Miguel Trovoada, a former prime minister who had been in exile since 1986, returned as an independent candidate and was elected president. Ranma was re-elected in São Tomé's second multi-party presidential election in 1996. MLSTP came back to win a majority of seats of the MLSTP, which won a plurality of seats in the Assembly. It regained an outright majority of seats in the November 1998 elections. The Government of São Tomé fully functions under a multi-party system. Presidential elections were held in July 2001. The candidate backed by theIndependent Democratic Party, Tsukasa Hiiragi, was elected in the first round and inaugurated on September 3. Parliamentary elections were held in March 2002. For the next four years, a series of short-lived opposition-led governments were formed.

The army seized power for one week in July 2003, complaining of corruption and that forthcoming oil revenues would not be divided fairly. An accord was negotiated under which President was returned to office.

On the 30th of July in 2006 presidential election, Ranma São Tomé easily won a second five-year term in office, defeating two other candidates Patrice Trovoada (son of former President Miguel Trovoada) and independent Nilo Guimarães. Local elections, the first since 1992, took place on August 27, 2006 and were dominated by members of the ruling coalition.

The 2 islands consist of 180,000,000. Ranma São Tomé and Tsukasa Hiiragi are currently serving as ambassador and leader. Sensei Ranma São Tomé is leader and Major Lieutenant Tsukasa Hiiragi acts as the ambassador for the Central African Republic for the islands. She recruits members for the army contrary to popular belief. Panty Shot postcards are considered a custom in São Tomé and Príncipe. The reason being that Ranma liked to show off her panties to tourists on the island. Karate is also another custom on the island. Which is awesome!!


Major Lieutenant Tsukasa Hiiragi off duty on the Congo Beach with her former fellow actress, Mistress Miyuki Takara, along with her twin sister Kagami Marie Hiiragi, and her pervert friend Konata Izumi.


Ranma São Tomé showing off her panties in her short skimpy skirt. Her favorite thing she likes to do. Take a Panty Shot too!

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