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Is a dungeon in an anonymous 14 (44) year old's basement. The room is cluttered with tools such as fists, fingers, corn, a small kitten, a funnel cake, a spoon, a bass, a stick, an air Horn Book, a pair of pliers, a bucket of fried chicken and a rubber chicken.

edit Creation Of The Rape Dungeon

Rape Dungeons have been established in many places, other parts of the world on Earth including The Jedi Temple, Hogwarts, and Narnia. As well as other planets. It must be known that rape dungeons have been around since the 19th century. Ran by both men and women in the 1800s. (See Prostitution). When 4 teenagers got very high and decided to watch Smarter Than A 5th Grader they got very angry. They started to rape a small dog and used its testicles as pool balls and used penis as a pool cue they got the munchies. They began snacking on the flesh of humans. When they sobered up they craved flesh. Thinking of nothing else to do they converted his basement into a Rape Dungeon. They immediately began advertising it as Rape Dungeon only $9.95 a month. It is located in a special room hidden away, usually in a basement or underground with sound proof walls (sometimes), suitable for deviant sexual activity, or surprise sex, with unwitting hitchhikers, prostitutes, strippers, sissies and other partners.

A Rape Dungeon is in a similar form of a level, dungeon or mission on a game that is extremely difficult to get through or complete and is often accompanied by "Hey, you just got raped!"

edit The 10 Commandments Of The Rape Dungeon

1. There's no outs in the Rape Dungeon only ins.

2. There are condoms provided in the Rape Dungeon, but only with flesh from abortion babies.

3. There's family in the Rape Dungeon who are forced to have rape partners.

4. There's lubricant also in the Rape Dungeon with the tears of a clown.

5. There's no escape in the Rape Dungeon only sex, BDSM, and rape.

6. There's punishment in the Rape Dungeon and the Pit Of Doom.

7. There will be fear in the Rape Dungeon.

8. There is TV in the Rape Dungeon with only Doug & porn.

9. There's sex organs in the Rape Dungeon.

10. There is food in the Rape Dungeon, if the Master/Mistress thinks that you are worthy.

edit The 10 Rape Commandments

1. Don't drop the soap!! (The only exception is the The Shower Room.)

2. You must call The Master Master./You must call The Mistress Mistress.

3. Bend over you little bitch and save yourself the trouble.

4. Don't slip and slide on the anal lubricant.

5. Be on all fours immediately!

6. Serve and satisfy your Mistress and Master.

7. Get on your knees!

8. You better start licking down there.

9. There is no escape. There is no way out.

10. Satisfy the rapist.

edit Rooms In The Rape Dungeon

edit The Stairs

These stairs lead to the Rape Dungeon in the basement.

edit The Rape Lounge

You will immediately be greeted by 4 strange teens (yuppies). The lights will then go very dark and you will see a neon sign that says Rape Dungeon. You will then be attacked with a hammer.

edit The Rape Cell

This is where you will wake up at in shackles. You will be kept here tortured with BDSM until its your hourly raping session. It's a very cramped room infested with torture and AIDS.

edit The Rape Room

This is where your raping will take place. You're gonna get raped. Nothing more to say.

Person ready for rapist.

edit The Tool Shed

Located in the Rape Room this is where the following tools are located : fists, fingers, hooks, leather, whips, hooks, ball-gags, chains, ropes, crops, paddles, quirts, gags, tubes, chastity, corn, a small kitten, a funnel cake, a spoon, a bass, a stick, an air Horn Book, a pair of pliers, a bucket of fried chicken and a rubber chicken, Chainsaw's, a pair of pliers, a bucket of cum, a can of tuna, and a pair of jumper cables.

edit The Rape Slide

This is your water slide you ride into your rape room. Its actually uses acid, urine, toilet and water. You will get such a wedgie you forget your own birthday and will be raped by an old pedophile before entering your cell again. Don't drop the soap!!


Foot fetishes are quite common in rape dungeons.

edit The Rape Office

This is where your rapists will rest while drinking kool-aid and watching Doug. That is where the rapist is waiting for you. AGAIN! Don't drop the soap!!

edit The Pit Of Doom

If you refuse to be a slave, your raping you will be sent here. In here lies the room of fire, the room of disease, the room of goatse and the room of death. You will probably die and your corpse and ghost will be raped.

edit The Attendance Room

If you satisfied us your whole life, you will be sent here. Then you will then be set back into the real world.


And this too.

edit The Shower Room

In a small 4x4 shower every rape will have to come him/her to wash all the cum, feces, blood, urine and vomit off. Golden Showers will be 100 people at a time. It is mandatory you drop the soap at least 5 times. Also the only way you will fit in this shower is if you connect to one another.

edit The Food Court

A food court where all they serve is subway, fruit, vegetables and pizza for all the slaves. Other food is there for the rapists, masters and mistresses.

edit The Pool Table

This is the place where new members (slaves) are inducted into The Rape Dungeon by a painful process known as "Cue Torture", this is where you are bent over the pool table and a large pool cue is inserted into your anus and used as a dildo, while at the same time, there are 2 testicles in your mouth.

edit The Weight Room

This is where The Rapists of The Rape Dungeon train and become stronger for even less pleasurable anal penetration of the rape slaves.

edit The Loading Dock

This is where Rapists and Rape Slaves are transported and imported to and from other Rape Dungeons around the globe.

edit The Computer Room

This is where the most honorable and experienced Rapists and The Grand Rapist contact other Rape Dungeons around the globe to transfer stronger Rapists and more Rape Slaves to The Loading Dock.

edit List Of Expansions

  • 1. The Rape Forest
  • 2. The Rape River
  • 3. The Rape Bathroom
  • 4. The Rape Shed

edit Stuff You Might See In The Rape Dungeon


Person ready for rapist.

Rich gay dungeon
Rich roman porn



Lesbians kissing instead of doing their homework!

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