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Love Hina is an action/fighting game released by Namco, Capcom and Sammy, featuring an almost completely female cast. The game is divided into 14 parts or Volumes as the game calls them.

The game’s main point is the fighting mechanics. It was deep enough to be included at fighting tournaments which only seem to want to use ‘proper fighting games’ like Tekken or Soul Calibur, even Guilty Gear.

Regardless of this, it has gained cult status amongst gamers, and has joined the ranks of other action games like Devil May Cry, Onimusha, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear. The list is endless.

edit Story

The story behind this game involves a boy named Keitaro Urashima who wants to get into Tokyo University because of a promise he made to a girl 15 years ago. They say that if 2 people who love each other go to Tokyo U, tentacle monsters will rise from Hell (place) and rape them in the ass and mouth. So he’s left his home to come to his Grandmother’s inn except it isn’t an inn anymore; it is in fact a girl's dorm. After arriving, he touches many breasts, steals many panties, and reveals himself in front of a minor. He is then arrested and forced to watch 100 hours of Barney, the standard punishment in Japan for such sex crimes. After escaping from prison and having a hearty breakfast of buttered toast, he becomes the landlord of the dorm. SEXcuse me, but I needed to get your attention. With the magic of brainwashing, coercion, murder and SEXcellent sushi, he eventually gets every resident in the house that’s not a blood relative to want to sleep with him.

Magic eh?

edit Characters

All names are in Japanese format except where noted. Characters are listed in order of appearance in the game.

edit Urashima Keitaro

Unlocked by: Default Character

Play Style: One of Keitaro’s trademarks is that he has a giant penis and the better moves from the other characters in the game, including many of Motoko’s. His main catch though is that he requires regular shots of Viagra to use his penis properly. His other trademark is his defensive ability: not being able to die that easily. He can even take Naru and Motoko’s ‘Boss Attacks’ head on and continue fighting.

Although he’s considered a character for the newbies, he’s thought to be the best charcter in the game. (Note: Since this is an all female cast fighting game, it proves Keitaro is a trap.)

edit Naru Narusegawa

Unlocked by: Default Character

Play Style: Her play style is dictated by single strong attacks that push even the heaviest opponents back several hundred feet (generally into the air and in the process breaking through a wall and/or other things that people should'nt be thrown through). This is especially useful in certain situations involving masses of turtles or stages with bottomless pits. Her weaknesses are a lack of good combos that don’t require a corner or masses of enemies to knock down and/or backwards.

Despite this weakness she’s considered the best character in the game.

edit Konno Mitsune (Kitsune)

Unlocked by: Default Character

Play Style: Kitsune’s style actually involves seducing her enemies so they can’t move, then draining their life energies to use for herself, building a huge lifebar difference between herself and her poor opposition (this is her only good technique since her general attack and special abilities quite literally suck). Of course her strategy requires setups to work well (she needs to seduce them first normally by means of her command throw) so she cannot take strong rushdown or pressure from a character: Motoko and Mecha Tama-chan and said to be problematic matchups. It works better if she is drunken. Another special move is the "pantydrainsuck" move. In which she removes her panties and forcefully makes the opponent have sex with her- thus drainig their health bar. This move is found in hentai.

Her potential to create huge differences in lifebar advantage causes many players to call her the best character in the game.

edit Maehara Shinobu

Unlocked by: Default Character

Play Style: One word: Hammerspace. Canonically in the story she doesn’t fight much, but on the rare occasion that she does, she seems to spawn a frying pan in her hands through a plot hole. This means that she can put pressure on her opponents, as she can suddenly switch stances and fork (warning pun) out another kitchen appliances. Problem is the appliance she gets is usually random (except when she has full Hinata-Drive Bar. Then she is almost guaranteed the legendary frying pan, also as you advance through the game you may unlock new weapons or a better chance at obtaining the forementioned "legendary frying pan" as well as prolonging the time of usage). Her cuteness is also deceptive.

She has amazing surprise tactics which have in many eyes crowned her as the best character in the game. Kaolla Su is one hell of a badass, she takes a crap on enemies, is an ex-member of an terrorism group, loves to get laid,and steals your bike and uses it as a weapon. She also has the "pantydrainsuck" move from Kitsune.

edit Su Kaolla

Unlocked by: Default Character

Play Style: Su doesn’t rely so much on hammerspace as Shinobu: she just brings out guns. Lots of guns, and a boy named George through a plot hole. Her projectiles combo easily which makes up for her piss poor melee/face to face attacks. Just make sure you keep an eye on the ammo, as reckless playing will run her out of ammo.

Range is considered to give Su the edge to be the best character in the game.

SPOILER: She also has a one-hit kill move "Super-Ultimate-Turbo-Hyper-Loli-Panties-Beam"

edit Aoyama Motoko

Unlocked by: Default Character

Play Style: The crazy samurai girl has an extensive movelist (known by many as her bag of tricks). She uses these moves to make her opponents guess how she’ll attack next in her nearly inescapable pressure strings, especially when feints and cancels are brought into her game. However, she has few ways of breaking out of a defensive situation when she is getting pressured herself. She is also for some reason weak to turtles.

Thanks to her bag of tricks, she is regarded by the fandom the best character in the game.

edit Urashima Haruka

Unlocked by: Default Character

Play Style: She has a multitude of throw traps and wall/floor bounce combos which can cause guaranteed damage if the opponent blocks the first hit; or an instant kill if there’s a bottomless pit. Shame that her movement speed and range are so poor.

Guaranteed damage is something the other Georges lack, and in a fighting game like this, any significant guaranteed damage is sure to make players think that a given character is the best in the game.

edit Otohime Mutsumi

Unlocked by: Clearing Volume 3 (Story path unlocked be clearing Volume 6)

Play Style: Two words: Watermelon Summon. Her love of watermelons has created the first non-mechanical plot device and as such she can shoot watermelon projectiles mercilessly at opponents from plot holes, overwhelming them in watermelons from all directions. Unfortunately, she’s prone to fainting when overexerting herself, giving enemies free hits (also known as a certain japanese greeting).

Many players like the style of this secret character and will even call her the best character in the game.

edit Tama-chan

Unlocked by: Clearing Volume 3

Play style: Literally the ultimate turtle, Tama-chan can stop any attack dead in it’s tracks and throw a quick reversal into a combo. She needs to guess the attack first though. When the pressure gets too high, she can fly out of range and buy herself (and her opponent) time to rethink strategies.

Being the only flying character, she is considered by players to be better than the other characters and therefore the best in the game.

edit Seta Noriyasu

Unlocked by: Clearing Volume 4

Play Style: Seta’s attacks involve almost indestructible van, which he rams into anyone stupid enough to get in the way. Seta himself is also somewhat indestructible, which mirrors Keitaro’s play style, but he can die from instant kills.

That van gives Seta an almost cheap advantage, putting him in the eyes of many as the best character in the game.

edit Sarah MacDougal (this name is in Western format for obvious reasons)

Unlocked by: Clearing Volume 4

Play Style: This little midget uses her size (or lack thereof) to avoid incoming attacks, take cover on or around scenery, and then surprise her opponents with her deceptively high strength. Then again, strength doesn’t translate into stopping knockback. It is possible for a powerful attack to send her from one end of the map to the other, only to have her bounce right back, without a chance to do any sort of recovery.

Who doesn’t like unhittable characters? Best in the game according to Michael Jackson, but that may just be because of her boyish look and her age. Then again, she sees a bit of tournament play, so really could be the best in the game

edit Mecha Tama-chan

Unlocked by: Clearing Volume 5

Play Style: MTC plays like a powered down version of Su, except give it enough time and it will get upgrades. Upgrades are earned by it’s overdrive, which gives 30 tiers of upgrades. At about tier 20 though it becomes nearly unstoppable. Unconfirmed sources say that MTC's voice set changes at tier 30 and it will often be heard saying 'I'm the JUGGERNAUGHT BITCH!' (see X-Men)

edit Nyamo Namo

Unlocked by: Clearing Volume 8

Play Style: A palette swap for Shinobu. Instead of kitchen utensils, you get archaelogical tools.

Despite only being a palette swap, players have said she’s the best character in the game.

edit Urashima Kanako

Unlocked by: Starting Volume 11

Play Style: She catches opponents off guard with her many disguises then uses rushdowns to take out the opposition. She’s practically nothing without her disguises, which don’t seem to work once a player sees through them. So instead a Kanako player can change tack by using her throw to stop opponents from moving, then coming in for a nasty combo.

She, of course as Keitaro’s adopted sister, is the best character in the game.

edit Mei Narusegawa

Unlocked by: Beating her as the Final Boss

Play Style: She will use a broom as her weapon and use the spells Fire, Fira, and Firaga as a player character. As a boss she will use Flare. She is like Su, but she has better close range abilities, like setting her clothes and enemies on fire. If you play as Mei to beat her Final Boss stage the loser will lose her clothes.

Because her description is based off her Negima counterpart, she regarded as the worst character in the game.

edit Other

As more characters are found in the game, they will be added.

edit Mechanics

edit Bars:(useful for hitting people with)

edit Lifebar

It's a fighting game... what do you think? When it empties you die... duh!

edit Hinata Overdrive

As this is a game based on flashy combos/attacks, this bar is mandatory.

The following actions raise the HOD Bar (HOD):

  • Blocking an attack just as it comes in.
  • Scoring hits on opponents (not Overdrives).
  • Evading attacks as they come in.
  • Teching

Certain actions deplete the HOD Bar:

  • Overdrives: Consumes anything between 25% to 50%
  • By not attacking for more than X seconds (X varies from character to character): Consumes HOD constantly.
  • Entering Hinata Install: Consumes HOD constantly.

edit Teching

Teching is very important in this game, as without it you'd get some pretty ridiculous infintes involving high/floaty launchers with long recovery. When a character techs, they usually do a backflip, or right themselves in some way. They can then block until their feet touch the ground, after which they get to attack as normal.

edit Combos

The combo is a direct copy of the Gatling Combo system from Guilty Gear. On impact, certain hits can instantly cancel into other specific attacks if the command is entered in time. The length of time before it actually cancels depends on the attack, your superiority gauge and how fast you entered it.

edit Hinata Install

This mode doesn’t grant new moves to the characters, but speeds and powers them up so they can do combos that weren’t possible before. Plus characters in Hinata Install take reduced damage.

edit Possible Anime and Movie

A bid offer was submitted to Capcom and Namco to create an anime based on the game. Capcom was excited, but when Namco heard Cartoon Network had sent in the bid, they refused to accept. The said, quote, "Those Americans can't make anime for shit!" They used The Simpsons and the Jetsons as prime examples. Cartoon Network regretted not being able to put yet another useless show on and had Seth Green parady anime for three Robot Chicken's straight.

Talks are underway with Jackie Chan to star a double role, playing both Urashima Keitaro and Naru Narusegawa in a live action adaptation of the game. Fans are angry because movies based on fighting games tend to suck and have a bad story. This is ignored due to the fact that Kung Fu movies aren't supposed to be about storys, but punches, kicks and Bullet Time. And $money$. The Director also doesn't mind because he's a Hollywood director and believes that in the modern age, CGI will save all. He suggests if the fans are so worried, the fans can find a plot hole and hide in Hammer space.

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