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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Sport?

Lol Blanking is a very popular sport that is highly recomended by anyone who has ever tried it. The actual act of Lol Blanking is to go to a ramdom page on Uncyclopedia or Wikipedia and delete everthing leaving behind the words Lol Blanked ;]. For an Example please look at the space below.

Did you know...
Lol Blanking is the national past time of Russia.

edit Very Serious discussion on Breast Cancer

Lol Blanked ;]


The symbol of the Church of Perwinkle the creators of Lol Blanking.

edit The History of Lol Blanking

Lol Blanking was created when Monks from the Church of Periwinkle, when they became bored of watching trampoline accidents on the internet. They had just recently discovered Wikipedia and decided to vandalize their page for the color red. Instead of the usual Lol Blanked ;] seen these days they left a more complicated message which was found as follows "The color red is for pansy sinners it's all about that periwinkle my negros." Thus the fastest growing sport in the world Lol Blanking was formed.


A typical troll Lol Blanking.

edit A Rival Sport Appears

Lol Banning was created by heretics of the Church of Periwinkle in response to the influence of Lol Blanking. Preferring a wiki with actual headers and paragraphs to a wiki filled with two-word articles, the Wikipedians and Uncyclopedians put aside their ancient rivalry to combat this threat. A new class of user, Admin, was created for this athletic purpose. The Admins would then compete among themselves to post the funniest or most unusual ban reason, type, and length. At first, it looked like the Wikipedians would win with their unique code of letters and numbers, but then the Uncyclopedians pulled ahead, and have stayed ahead to this day. The Wikipedians have never forgotten this bitter loss, and ban any attempt at Uncyclopedian humor in their articles in retaliation.


This Picture has been Lol Blanked ;].

edit Reasons why people Lol Blank

Lol Blanking is very popular among trolls and noobs but since it is impossible to understand there behaviors we'll focus on why regular people Lol Blank. One of the main reasons that someone would want to Lol Blank is that they were abused as a child and need a childish way to make themselves feel better. Do not feel sorry for these people though because it's much easier to just laugh at them then make them feel welcomed. Another reason why someone would Lol Blank is that they think they are too cool to follow the rules of the system. Which no one should do because if you do the admin watching this page will shoot a puppy trust me i've seen it happen.

edit Known Lol Blankers

edit The Next Generation of Lol Blankers?

Although most Lol Blankers are hated more than emos hate life there appears to be a new following probably started by Wikipedia that supports Lol Blankers. They encourage Lol Blanking and use commercial programs to make them seem cool. Lol Blanking is also majorally supported by Fox News which means that they have instantly gained the support of every redneck in the country. Maybe one day in the not so distant future Lol Blankers will be able to live in harmony with the rest of the world until then we will have to keep them caged up with the trolls and the noobs.

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