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“To answer your question I know you are thinking, no I am not a guy!”
~ Gardevoir on Otaku
“I am tired of this game, come here and pleasure me!”
~ Gardevoir fulling your desires and lewd urges
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me!”
~ Pokemon Trainer on BSDM

“Gardevoir fucked Mewtwo at one point.”
~ Oscar Wilde

edit Gardevoir Species

Gardevoir is a very hot sexy Pokemon. Gardevoir 's are a hot Pokemon series species. They are very hot Pokémon. Engaging in sex is quite common for them to do. You will see a Gardevoir "doing it" in a tree. In fact, they're the hottest, most sexiest Pokemon species in the series!!!! (Ever!!)

In 2004, Nintendo had Gardevoir and Gallade start mating and made infinite furry children of the Pokemon species series for Nintendo. Most (50%) Gardevoir's are transexual and trisexual. Meaning that the males have breasts, while still having a phallus penis and testicles in human form. All males in the species do cross-dressing. (Be careful on knowing which Gardevoir is a trap, a crossdresser, or has big huge cock.)

edit Appearances

Given her slightly too damn sexy humanoid appearence, Gardevoir is loved by many people who totally are and who are not furries. Gardevoir is a sexy Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon: Ruby and Pokemon: Sapphire. She is the evolution of Kirlia and is one of those too damn sexy supermodels. Gardevoir debuted with all of the other 3rd Generation of Pokémon, and is the third evolution (The final evolution is Gallade.) of the Ralts family. Gardevoir has a very sexy feminine appear with huge Breasts of Steele, very straight hair, cute anime lolicon-like with an Eye color of brown (which are appear to be Red), and a nice round plump ass. Gardevoir is straight and is also a lesbian.

Cosmo and Gardevoir Pokeball

Kirlia and Gardevoir

Cosmo the Kirlia Knockoff

Kirlia as Cosmo in Sonic Unleashed.

Cosmo the French Rose

Kirlia saying something wimpy.

edit History of The Gardevoir Voir Family

The Voir Family has a long aristocratic, rich history dating back from the 18th Century. Ralt S. Ralts say even back from the 1790s. [citation needed] A family of high-class in royalty. Very rich some might say. They lived in if somewhat small, ballroom of the Boddy Mansion at Bretagne, France. The mother (Mater) was Gardé Evelyn Voir, and the father (Pater) was Gallet Ade.Voir. The Voir Family had 2 daughters named Gard E. Voir, (b. 1935) and a younger sister, who was Krill Íá Alsace Ralts, was born in 1945. They were both born in Paris, France. Again, they had another daughter and son called Ralt Salt Voir, who was born in 1948. Altogether, The Voir family in 1950 had 3 children.

Gard E. Voir was very polite and had good table manners. She was very lady-like as a girl. Often acted very woman-ly and had excellent behaviour! However her younger sister, Krill Íá Alsace Ralts acted as a rich-bitch and a whiny spoiled brat. She often needed a spanking for being a naughty little girl.

Sadly, in the 50s (1955), Ralt Salt Voir went Bat Fuck Insane and had to be put in a Rubix Cube. He was born with gender confusion because she had a penis.

When she was 10 of years, she dated a boy named Gallade Ralts, whom also was rich. He belonged to royalty too of a high-class family. They dated for 5 years, but after finding out Gallade had a petite penis she left him dumped. In her teenage years during the 1950s, at the age of 15, Mademoiselle Gard E. Voir had dated a guard named Garde Gallade Voir, who guarded the Boddy Mansion. Although he seemed as charming as a nice guy, it was a lie. Garde Gallade Voir didn't come to Mademoiselle Gard E. Voir in their relationship, she came to him, guided him, and did most of the work. Never once did he make a decision, though technically what happened was what he wanted but he had wanted her to make all of the decisions for him.

edit Sunday The 15th

One night when she was 19, she silently followed Garde Gallade Voir into his room and when he turned around to shut it, she was there, holding it open, "You are weak," she said. "You are weak willed. You are not fit to be a leader." The argument had begun. She decided it was time to put him in his place.

"I am not! I am strong! I can lead!"

"No. You can't. Just admit it before you embarass yourself more than you have."

"You're wrong! I can lead us to be great!"

"Prove it then. Right here, right now."

"Wait? What do you mean 'right now'?"

"As I said, you are not fit to lead!" she then used a light psychic pulse and pushed him back and onto his bed. She stood next to his bed and slowly used her psychic abilties to unbuckle his pants. "You can't even comprehend how to make your own dreams come true."

She continued tearing off his shirt and started pulling down his pants as well. He was already starting to get a erection which gave her another chuckle, "You have go to be kidding me. That's it? No wonder you can't lead, you dont even have an 'ego' worth working for." He was pinned to the bed by psychic bonds which clamped his bloody wrists and ankles tightly.

Garde Gallade Voir was shocked to find a thick, long cock poke out of the front of her white (colour) dress when she stood back upright, "And to answer your question I know you are thinking. No, I am not a guy. Now get to work."

He looked up at her as if she was crazy and tried to scoot back away from her towards the bed. A leash and collar appeared around his neck and attached to Gard E. Voir's hand. "Now now, we can't be having that. Be a good boy or pay the price!" He found out the leash tightened and pulled him onto the floor when he didn't comply. Things were going downhill and he wanted to get away.

He was appalled at what he was forced to endure: beaten into submission by his own mistress. She reached out with a psychic hand and started to rub his cock. Trying to concentrate on something so small while maintaining a hold on his bonds, gag, ball gag and the whip took more effort than she thought it worth, but continued anyway. A gasp left the trainer's mouth followed by a shuddering moan from an orgasm with the whip striking across his ass.

A light upturn took his lips as his chest was slowly lowered to the floor, but his breathing stopped with a gasp when a hot, hard rod was rubbed between his thighs, collecting sweat and semen that had gathered there.

"You know, I get a feeling that you liked that. May not have been a fantasy of yours, but it still hit that mark. I wonder if this will strike you fancy as well?" The tip of her penis was placed up against his anus.

A cherry may not have been between her legs, but everyone knows what a girl has to go through on that first thrust into their womanhood. Here she was about to give that first sensation to Garde Gallade Voir that was so red across his back and ass that looked like a cherry that needed to be popped. As her penis began applying pressure to his asshole, she could feel him quivering trying to relax to either out of fear or anticipation. A little more pressure and he started gritting his teeth, wondering why is Gard E. Voir's penis was so thick being a hermaphrodite. The tip glans reaching beyond his sphincter with an almost audible pop. He sighed in relief and moaned as his prostate was rubbed from the inside and more as the sensation moved deeper within his ass.

Gard E. Voir trying extremely hard not to giggle in the fashion of a schoolgirl as the realization struck home: she had a new sex toy that was conjured latex. A hard slap across his ass and the reactive yelp proved it was too much for a first timer. He slightly tore himself as he clenched around the rod buried within him. He will need to be broken in a little further before progressing to more 'advanced' techniques was her only concern.

The psychic pounding his ass with a spectral hand to rub across his member and ballsac. When the rubbing moved to only his sack he almost sighed in defeat when a soft, warm touch enveloped his cock. Gentle, warm, soft, and the light raking of her nails across his shaft were blissful, leading him to a quick orgasm.

The next morning a collar had appeared on his neck. He said, "It's not over yet! I'll get your derrière for what happened, Mademoiselle Gard E. Voir!!".

The guard and her father were not happy about this. So they chased hey. After the being on the lam from her father and Garde Gallade Voir, she reunited with her dumped boyfriend, Gallade Ralts who was also headed for the US.

Mademoiselle Gard E. Voir Ralts had immigrated with her boyfriend from Bretagne, France in 1960. (Somewhere in the 60s)

edit The Creation of The Ralts Family

The Ralts had immigrated with from Bretagne, France in 1960 to the United States and back to France. She later became renown as Gard E. Voir Ralts with through marriage. They both dated in Paris, France for quite a while and had children. 1982, they moved back to the US again. They have family in France and in the United States. Gardevoir Ralts was born in Paris, France in 1982 to the Ralts family, but was raised in upscale New York to lesbian parents, Mrs. Gardevoir Ralts, a shiny Gardevoir mother, and Mr. Gallade Ralts, a regular Gallade father, who were killed by Mew and his recklessness with a giant blob when Gardevoir was very young. She was maybe 7 at the time with 2 other sisters, Kirlia Ralts and Ralt S. Ralts. The Ralts family was forced to move back to France with their lovely aunt. (Who apparently was a lesbian too.) The Ralts family often moved back and forth from Paris, France to New York. They've traveled to countries such as United States, United Kingdom, France, England, Spain, Mexico, Kenya, China, Korea, and Japan. Cities such as New York City, Paris, London, Newark, Gibraltar City, Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Beijing, Newark, and Mexico City.

edit Infamy

She is a lesbian infamous for her sex tape with Wendy O. Koopa. She has an obsession with erotic things and is a sexy supermodel in porn. Gardevoir is a well-known lesbian that has a marriage with Mewtwo in 2003. They are still married forever!!! She often known for two-timing on Mewtwo and Lucario. But nobody cares.

Pregnant gardevoir

Here is Gardevoir at 7 months pregnant.

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