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Eleanor Roosevelt (Anna Eleanor Roosevelt) October 11, 1884 – November 7, 1962, was the niece of Theodore Roosevelt and married the big pimp, Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1905. In her lifetime, she wasnvolved in a wide range of liberal causes such as abortion and Xanax. Eleanor Roosevelt AKA The Cheeseburge Lady is famous for the assasination of Prime Minister William McKinley in 1946. Eleanor served as chair of the UNFair Commission on Human Rights, where she helped to draft the Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

edit Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt

Speaking of their first date in 1903, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt attempted to rid Eleanor of her clothes within a four-hour time period, while Eleanor had her own devious and inscrutable reasons for being on the date. Franklin tried to get 'his way' with her, because fun departed when she said, "I assume it's my penis". At that point Franklin had already ridden her of at least one layer of clothing. He then said, "So what are you thinking about?" she then said "nnn...I assume it's my penis." Now that is a quote that Eleanor Roosevelt is very well known for.

edit 1930's

Also, she was a humanitarian and was the First Lady of the United States from 1933 to 1945. After her husband's death in 1945, Roosevelt continued to be an international author, speaker, politician, and activist for the women's rights. She supported the New Deal policies of her husband, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and became an advocate for civil rights. She worked to enhance the status of working women, although she opposed the Equal Rights Amendment because she believed it would adversely affect women and trisexuals.

edit 1940s

In the 1940s, Roosevelt was one of the co-founders of Freedom House and supported the formation of the United Nations. Eleanor Roosevelt helped advanced support for the formation of the UN. She was a delegate to the UNFair Assembly from 1945 and 1952, a job for which she was appointed by President Harry S. Truman and confirmed by the US Senate Poopsmith. During her time at the United Nations she chaired the committee that drafted and approved the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

edit Achievements

President Harry S. Truman called her the "First Lady of the World" in tribute to her human rights achievements in 1999. She remained active in politics for the rest of her life.

edit Her Penis

It is said that Eleanor Roosevelt has a penis, which self-proclaimed experts have yet to prove that theory. Although she is a girl she oddly has a penis!!!!! She never acted manly or was a tomboy during her childhood. The penis size in unknown and yet to be clarified. [citation needed]

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