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Ah, yes, the Comoros. What can be said about that place? Apparently nothing much. It's boring, sad, and poor. And to top it all off, no one even knows it exists!

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Morocco?

edit History

One fine day, two British sailors were out to conquer the world. They were called Peter and Jack. "I say old chum", asked Peter, stepping away from his telescope, "do you see those islands over yonder?". Replied his companion lowering his cup of tea, "By Henry's pubic hair, you're wrong!" So they decided to claim it for the Motherland and hoist the Union.

Not far away, the French had also spotted the islands. Old man Pierre and his companion Jacques were playing scrabble. Jacques was running out of ideas for words, and had only 7 letters left (S-O-R-C-M-O-O) Suddenly one looked up and shouted at the other "Sacre Bleu! The English are landeeng on zose islands over zere! Wee must stop zem!" (they never could speak proper English anyway!) So they rowed their little boat over to the islands just as James was claiming it for the Crown. Pushing James aside, Jacques planted the old tricolour in the ground. "I say, Jack, old boy! we've been swindeled! Push off frogs! we were here first!" exclaimed Peter, whereby Pierre threw sand into his eye and tickled him (they were never any good in Mortal Kombat either). So the war began- Jacques and Jack began pushing each other around (literally) and Peter tried hard punch Pierre through the tickling. But after half an hour the war had ended. Jack talked to Jacques, Pierre talked to Peter. Then they all came together and decided to start their own country. "I say, old pals, whatever are we going to name it?" Whereby Jacques, being possessive, pulled out the seven letters from his scrabble game and said, triumphantly, "c'est la Comoros!" Peter and Jack looked att each other and Peter exclaimed "I say, old lad, whatever kind of name is that?". Another war ensued. In the mids of all the tickling, pushing and shoving, a little old man crept out of seemingly nowhere and said "Bonjour mon amis" Jack and Peter looked at each other again and sprinted twoards the ocean, then frantically swam to their boat and sailed away. "Ey, Pierre, wee have won! eet eez now ours! Eet eez like I always say, ze poison of ze frog travels fast!" "but mon ami, wee have no poison!" exclaimed Pierre, whereupon Jacques let rip a mountain-shaking fart. Suddenly a hundred little men walked out of nowherre and began speaking French.

Back on their boat, Peter turned to Jack and said, dejected, "I say, old boy! We've had a lucky escape, haven't we? Oh, I shan't ever go back!" Jack was getting really pissed and yelled "For the love of the Union Jack if you don't shut up I will wring your neck!" "By the King of England! I say, old boy! You never acted like this before! whyever are you being like this?" Whereupon Jack turned around and choked the shit out of him.

So, the moral of the story is: never trust the French.

edit Real History

Is a country inAfrica that consists of a group of islands in the Indian Ocean with a population of only 6,000. The unknown capital is Moroni. The languages spoken are French (official), Gibberish, English, and Arabic (official). The islands were first visited by the English at the end of the 16th century. In the mid 19th century they came under French protection until 1974 when all but one of the four major islands voted for independence.

edit Today

Then nothing happend for a long time. Then nothing happend since. To this day, it remains..............a place where nothing ever happens!

edit Foreign Relations

The US currently has no relations with Comoros. Some state that the Comoros' government's increasing hostilities toward the West. The real reason is that George Dubya Bush has never heard of it.

France is now open-minded to relations with Comoros.

UK is too.

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