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Proper Name: The Proud and Sovereign Nation of Cancanada

edit Founding of Cancanada & the early years

Cancanada was founded in 2007 to replace Canada, which had become exceedingly boring. Cancanada's beloved founder is Willy Wonka.

edit National Anthem

Cancanada Ding Dong is the national anthem of Cancanada. It was created on September 4, 2007 to commemorate the birthday of its most wonderful citizen.

The lyrics (to the tune of Le Français Can-can):

Cancanada ding dong clap clap clap
Say oui to thé Can-Can chigga chigga clap!
Say au revior peace and war!
Say bonjour to paradoxes amour!
Canadana ding dong clap clap clap
Say oui to thé Can-Can chigga chigga clap!
Say oui to thé fact that amour is in thé aîr!
Say non to being obese!
Canadana ding dong clap clap clap
Say oui to thé Can-Can chigga chigga clap!

edit International Cover-Up

The existence of Cancanada is not well known to the rest of the world. This is primarily because of a conspiracy developed by Bill O'Reilly who hid a large number of his obese relatives here. Investigation by the HSPO or Hot Skinny Peoples Organisation has pointed out that they hide themselves among the the population by wearing extremely large clothing, and only come out at night to forage.

On stardate 2004, 6 8, an Allliance of the HSPO and others declared war on Bill O'Reilly and his family, excluding any hot chicks (who would be captured and taken hostage to help the country's hot chick crisis. The alliance have said the can field an army of 26 million men. Or 98% of Cancanada's Population. (due to the first rule of the Cancanada Military Forces: Any man without a hot chick at his side is to be conscripted when at war.)

edit Entertainment

Just as Canada before it, Cancanada has very little in the way of entertainment. Mostly Cheese and Hockey. Also the random setting on fire of Bill O'Reilly family was considered fun until the battle Of The Ministry for Misfactual Unformation.


One of our entertainers showings us her forms of entertainment. So you can get an upskirt view at a glimpse of this beautiful lady's corset.


edit Intelligence Information

Very little intelligence is present in Cancanada, as evidenced by its very existence. People from Cancanada are properly referred to as Cancanadians. One being fond of Cancanada or its inhabitants is called a Cancanadanophille. Sightings of these people are very rare and might only be to happen at places near The Ministry of Tourism.

The Economy of Bill O'Reilly, being the sole contributor the the fall of the FOX empire, is none whatsoever relate to the economy of Cancanada. It is however contributing to the large number of ex-FOX members seeking asylum in Cancanada. The economy of Cancanada is small: exporting many of the captured fatties to United States of America and England.

edit Famous Cancanadiens

The most famous Cancanadian is Willy Wonka. (Although Pamela Anderson's tits have been challenging Willy Wonka's status for the past few days.)

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