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Ok, the basic idea for this place is based on the fact that I really can't hold one thought for a very long time so the moment I find a funny picture I will upload it here with a funny caption. Thus it can be worked into any future article. Feel free to use one, just ask me first or I will get really angry. --Sir DJ ~ Irreverent Icons-flag-au Noobaward Wotm Unbooks mousepad GUN 09:08, 8 November 2008 (UTC)

edit John W. Scherer

John W. Scherer was born in the backroom of the most credible house ever to be built under the most credible tree ever to grow on the most credible street in St. Charles, the most credible town ever to town in by far the most credible state, Illinois, of the… a credible country on this fine earth, the United States of America. It is widely speculated that a heavenly choir of heavenly beings descended from heavenly heaven upon the moment of his credible birth.

By the time of his birth, John had amassed at least 4 diplomas in the fields of credibility, honesty, honest credibility and advanced lawsuit filing. Parents traveled from across the Mid-West to gaze upon the credibility exuded by the young John, cursing their own offspring for not displaying any signs of credibility and begrudgingly buying the merchandise that included "I saw John be credible and all I got was this lousy T-shirt, even though around these times garments like this probably weren’t called T-shirts anyway" shirts

edit Images


Pfft... she's just compensating for her massive penis, honey...


Yeah... well... this will look sooooo cool after the apocalypse!


Best before: Marriage


Bridges of Madison County... by Michael Bay!


Obama to Wall Street: You bought WHAT with that 700 billion dollars bailout?


Grand Theft Auto on the Wii was a bitch.


Of course the electoral system in Brazil is infinitely more fabulous.


If you remove all the encrusted porn, this is exactly what the internet looks like.


You know what freedom tastes like? Like chicken? You better pray that isn't KFC I smell motherfucker...


and this is about when they removed the "borderline" from your diagnosis...


First virgin pride parade... last virgin pride parade...


PETA hounded the Joker so much he finally replaced the dancing monkey... from there it was all down hill...


Strangely, Anti-abortion groups are completely fine with this.


Dear Uncyclopedia, I do not wish to know how you spend your weekends. Yours truly, Everyone else.

Danger caution bluetie

That's the fucking strangest thing I've ever seen. A dark blue tie? Just back away slowly honey...


First it starts with tree hugging... then about 9 months later...


Sadly the robot revolution was stopped when the humans failed to handle them with care.

Washingbag then the giant Washington teabagged the Redcoats. And that's how America won its independence.


Voted best health insurance plan in America 3 years running.


Homosexuality viewed through an electron microscope.

edit Perestroika


...and that's how I single-handedly stopped the catastroika... These? No, they're filled with delicious chocolate.

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