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In the search for clean, environmentally friendly, renewable energy sources that won't cause inevitable planetary destruction and misery, scientists are exploring ever more esoteric solutions, and inevitably, their attention is increasingly turning towards magic.

edit Why Magic?

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that it's take science so long to turn its attention to magic. The benefits are obvious: it seems to require few basic resources to create (a Top Hat, a black stick with white tips, a handkerchief); it is renewable (magicians do show after show with the same material); and the by-products (doves, rabbits, white tigers) are environmentally friendly.


Magic is however facing competition from other renewable sources. This prototype from MIT runs exclusively on power generated from looking like a douchebag.


Water spirits can get good mileage but are prone to breakdowns.

edit Further Research

It has been speculated that as magic provides a source of energy, so magicians must logically be a near-infinite power source. Attempts to test this by liquidising David Copperfield and using him as rocket fuel have so far been resisted by the court of human rights, but scientists are confident that an appeal based on the humanitarian benefits of the research[1] will be successful.

edit Footnotes

  1. namely the removal of David Copperfield from the planet
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