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Name : Riley Cornett

Nationality : Canadian

E-Persona : Robotic

Height : 5'9

Weight : Too much

Body type : Phat

Nature : Naive

Alignment : Chaotic Good

Class : Wizard

Hi, I'm cyber95, but you can call me Riley, or Cyber. That's short for cyberspace, before you fake disgust. I will make a suitable bio someday. Until then, you can, I dunno, do something.

I draw a comic, which is currently in it's (very) early stages, called Quest World. I try to update Fridays, but when I procrastinate (always) it might end up late.

edit My Articles

Sequel (movie)
Speech Recognition

edit Questions

  • Put a question here for me to answer. It doesn't have to have anything to do with me at all.

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Sequel movie
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