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“Well, what else can I say. He's Dreamy!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Cthulhu

Cthulhu is a God, Defacto Ruler of the World and founding member of the Uncyclopedia Bloods.

edit Early History

Cthulhu was created in much the same way that Jebus was, the only differance is that insted of god's and Josephs batter that mixed, it was God and Chaos' mix inside of the betiful godess Slutertera. Not much is knowen about his childhood except that he spent much of his time giving free blowjobs to various men passing by under his portch. This activity continued untill he was later discovered by the great master porn maker Oscar Wild. To whom he gave a blowjob soon after.

edit The Knighting of Cthulhu

edit God-hood

edit Defacto Ruler of the World

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