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edit Introduction


This is the daft spunk logo, based on the 'daft punk' logo only better because it has a rude word in it.

Daft Spunk is a fictional 3 piece rock/dance/alternate/rap/paraody band that i made up just now and i decided that they are from Underfarter in East-Germany. They began in 2006 and have risen to critical acclaim with 3 albums, various solo prodjects and a major motion piction. The band's members Dane Smith, Jack Phelps and George Miaris have had several fall-outs and are renowned for their extreme drug use, resulting in many prison sentences.

edit Early Life

The founder of the band Dane Smith was at the tender age of 7 when he was the only survivor of a plane crash over the 'duft sponk mountains' in france. His entire family died and he learnt to survive in the wilderness with only a pen, and a pocket watch. When he was 15 when was found mating with a large rock he believed to be his wife, at this time his mental health was so poorly damaged that he was classed as a 'serious threat' by the government. He was taken to a rehabilation unit in southern france where he was taught basic human skills and how to fit into the modern world. At 21 he decided he wanted to see the world and moved to a small town in East-Germany called Underfarter. Whilst studying 'history of onion rings and other deap fried food products' he met Jack Phelps and George Miaris who he moved into a flat with. They wrote several songs and performed a few small gigs in the town center. Still unsigned they didnt take the band too serious and at the time had the name 'Sunny-D gave me AIDS'. But when they got reviewed in the public newspaper their fame rose and a huge fan base grew. They were signed to 'pube on a bed post productions', changed their names to 'daft spunk' after the mountains where Dane lived for 8 years, and began work on their album in late 2006.

edit I shot JFK, 2-pac and Ghandi

To record their first album they rented a brothel in Amsterdam for 4 months, paid all the whores and reprotedly took over £45000 worth of cocaine. Jack descibed this as "the perfect office". The album was released on 27th of January 2007 and went straight to number 1 in Norway, however it sold no more than 35 copies else where in the world, this was said to be because it was only released on cassette tape. 3 singles were released from the album, these were 'kill the bitch dead' which was a classical piece based on the russian revolution of 1917. 'Confessions of a peodofile' a touching song about a man and a child. 'Fuck a duck its good luck' is a song about struggles through life and reached number 2 in Denmark.

edit King Kong drives a Mini


King Kong suffering from road rage, must be the awful remake in 2005.

Was released on 7th June 2008 and was their difficult second album. After all being released from 5 month prison sentences for herion possession, and after being involved in a plot to kill the king of Albania. They began recording emediatly in a bar in london, they finished the whole album in under 5 hours. They described the songs as "so epic, its like Phil Collins on crack" which led to Phil Collins expressing his love for the group and supporting them on their Iranian leg of their world tour. After they finished their King Kong tour George the lead singer was hit by a truck which snapped his neck and left him unable to move from the neck down, this didnt stop his singing or heavy drug use and he stayed as the lead singer of Daft Spunk. No singles were released from King Kong drives a Mini although this album secured them as international superstars, as it went to number 1 in 67 countries and remained at number 1 for 2 years in North Korea.

edit Micheal Jackson isnt really dead, he's sleeping

Is their up and coming third album due for release on the 17th of May 2010. The band have been said that it could be the last Daft Spunk album as "its all a bit too much, we'd rather just get high as fuck". The album is said to deal with many important political issues and includes songs such as 'Lets nuke the middle east'.

edit Solo prodjects


Cliff letting off some steam in his emotional new album

After his near fatal accident, George co-wrote a duet album with Stephan Hawking titled 8 wheels, 2 voices, 1 dream which was considered a huge flop. Dane also produced an album for Cliff Richard titled God rules so fuck you.

edit Daft Spunk - The Movie

On 8th December 2009 the movie was released. It focus's on the forming of the group and the unseen fights that happened behind the scenes. Although the movie was given a budget of $250,000,000 the highest budget movie of its type ever made. It only grossed $24,000,000 making it one of the worst losses in movie history.

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