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edit Welcome! I see you have come to the Userpage of Crazyhair911!

edit Please leave your very generous bribe at your local untraceable discreet location. Thank you.

If you wish to contact him, you can ask the magical internet fairy to leave him a message Here

edit About Crazyhair911

Crazyhair911 is a philosophical hobo with plans on world domination. His plans for world domination include (but are not limited to) forming an army of squirrels near his local park and promising them acorns for their services. Little is known about his mysterious past.

Nobody knows his real identity...

edit What we do know about him

  • Anyone within 50 feet of his enormous ego is instantly crushed (It is rumored that Hulk Hogan has been able to get within 47 feet of his ego. This has yet to be confirmed).
  • He enjoys spending time on Unencyclopedia.
  • He has a hobby of feeding alka seltzer to pigeons.
  • Is the official student of the infamous Iwillkillyou333, who is probably the best COD player this world will ever see.

edit 5 adjectives that he describes himself as

Extremely Intelligent

Superior (to all other living beings in the universe)

Outrageously humorous



edit His (More or less) Major Masterpieces

  • Creatheism, a compromise between atheism and creationism
  • Fad diet They must work. After all, they are quite popular!
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